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how do birkenstock mayari fit

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Normal or wide foot
Generally,Birkenstocks fit anormal or wide foot. The Mayari Sandals specifically tend to run a bit narrower than other models so if you have a wider foot you should go with a larger size to make sure you are comfortable. The beauty of Birkenstocks is that they mold to your feet.

Will Birkenstock Gizeh and Mayari run narrow?

Birkenstock Mayari in Antique Lace; perfect for a narrower foot. A: Yes, the Gizeh and Mayari styles tend to run narrower than many other models. As a matter of fact, many of our customers that require a narrow width in a wider-fitting style like the Arizona, will actually fit into the regular width in the Gizeh and Mayari styles.

Do Birkenstocks fit true to size?

Generally, Birkenstocks fit true to size and allow for plenty of adjustments along the way. There are some models like the Mayari that run slightly narrower, while there are others that may be slightly wider. But in general, they fit true to size. Now we have come to the important part of sizing.

How do you wear Birkenstocks without breaking them in?

With Birkenstock shoes, the easiest way to do this is to take out the removable footbed. Place it to the side and rest your foot on top, as if you were wearing it. Check that your longest toe doesn’t extend over the edge and that the arch supports follow your feet.

How do Birkenstock sandals support your feet?

The deep heel cup will support your feet almost as if it was in a closed shoe. While the arch support offers you stability with every step. The toe grip is one of the most recognisable features of Birkenstock sandals. This supports the natural position and rolling motion of the toes to keep them loose and spread out.

why chose birkenstocks?

We get asked this question a lot as some may think that they’re pretty pricey for a “basic” sandal, but there’s so much more to them than one might think and it all comes down to the unique design of their footbed and high quality construction. If you love the style of the iconic Birkenstock, then we recommend you buy the real thing and you’ll love them for longer than a lookalike.

How to get birkenstocks to fit properly?

The last step to getting your Birkenstocks to fit properly is to “break them in”. Most important before breaking in your brand new Birkenstocks is to ensure the footbed length is correct. No amount of wear will increase the overall length and you would be best to return them (before wearing outdoors) for an exchange or a refund before fully committing to wearing them in.

What are Birkenstock sandals?

Birkenstock sandals are a firm favourite every summer thanks to their iconic summer fashion styles, crafted in Europe using premium materials. A uniquely contoured footbed shape is one of their distinguishing features, widely copied in the footwear industry, but also the cause of serious discomfort if you don’t get the right size and fitting for you. With an ever growing range, it can be hard to choose the best Birkenstocks for you so we’ve created a guide to the Top 10 Birkenstocks this season.

What is a Boston mule?

The Birkenstock BOSTON mule for men is a versatile and classic shoe that can be worn all year round. The leather upper of these mules have a sophisticated design together with their inconic footbed while the buckle allows adjustability for a better fit. The footbed is made from cork which is a natural product provide insulation and cushioning with every step.

How to feel your feet when wearing sandals?

Stand up with the sandals on, straps fully open if these are adjustable, then feel your feet will naturally spread under your bodyweight. Your foot should feel supported, but be able to move freely. Your heel and toes should not overlap or rub up against the firm outer ridge of the footbed.

Why are Birkenstock shoes cheaper?

Often, this will be evident once you start wearing a cheaper version, either due to poor fitting qualities or perhaps just the materials don’t look as good as the original Birkenstock would. To take a closer look at our most popular Birkenstock styles take a look at our Top 10 Birkenstocks.

What brands of sandals are comfortable?

If comfort is your top priority then take a look at our Flat Sandals and Comfortable Sandals from brands like Heavenly Feet, Remonte and Gabor.


There should be a space of approx. 5 mm between the heel and the footbed edge.


There should be a space of approx. 10 mm between the toes and the footbed edge.


Adjust the lower strap so that there is space of approx. 5 mm between the strap and the arch of the foot.


There should be space of approx. 10 mm between the upper strap and the arch of the foot.


Walk a few steps. Should the straps be too tight or too loose, readjust them. The straps at the left and at the right foot do not necessarily have to be adjusted the same way. Check your straps again after a few days, as the upper can stretch a little over time.

Do Birkenstock Mayari Sandals run wide or narrow?

Generally, Birkenstocks fit a normal or wide foot. The Mayari Sandals specifically tend to run a bit narrower than other models so if you have a wider foot you should go with a larger size to make sure you are comfortable. The beauty of Birkenstocks is that they mold to your feet. The leather straps tend to stretch out, so these should not be too narrow if you have normal width feet.

Are Birkenstock Mayari Sandals comfortable?

One of Birkenstocks’ biggest claims to faim is how comfortable their shoes are. The Mayari Sandals are no exception. Birkenstocks are made with premium leather that is meant to mold to your feet overtime so they are unique to your feet. The leather is breathable and comfortable so your feet will be happy! Once you break them in, of course.

Are Birkenstock Mayari Sandals good for nurses and healthcare workers?

Since nurses and healthcare workers generally need shoes that are closed toe and easy to clean, we would not recommend the Birkenstock Mayari Sandals for this purpose. These are open-toed shoes that are meant to be worn for everyday use, so they would not be good in the hospitals. They also are made of leather which is generally difficult to clean, so they are not good for messy, unpredictable environments.

How do I care for birkenstocks?

Care: It depends on the style, but generally Birkenstocks don’t require a lot of care. The Arizonas I’m wearing are full leather with a leather inner sole; I just use a bit of leather polish on them now and again to keep them looking good. For styles with the classic cork inner sole, just give them a rub with soap and water every so often then let them air-dry naturally for 24 hours before wearing again.

What do birkenstocks go with?

Birkenstocks go with everything from casual jeans and shorts, to pretty summer dresses and cute jumpsuits. Basically, I’m a complete convert.

What size shoes should I wear for a Honolulu Birkenstock?

Sizing and fit: I love the Honolulu Birkenstock because it finds a perfect middle between the brand’s classic silhouette and a flip flop – they’re like little boats for your feet! I usually wear shoes in an 8.5 or 9. For this shoe, I opted for a 9 and they feel perfect.

What was the first pair of Birkenstocks?

The first pair of Birkenstocks I bought was a pair of Arizona sandals in the black colorway . I purchased this pair because I adore the beautiful, classic and timeless design.

Do Birkenstocks look good after being worn?

Care: In my opinion, Birkenstocks look better after they’ve been roughed up and worn in – for this reason, I find them to be a really low-maintenance shoe. Every now and then, I might rub a towel over my white pair to keep them scruff-free, but, in general, I leave them the way they are.

Do birkenstocks feel comfortable?

Always remember that your Birkenstocks should feel comfortable: when you slip them on, your toes shouldn’t touch the top or feel cramped by the width. Fortunately, the strap on this pair is adjustable so you can make it looser or tighter based on the way they feel.

Do Birkenstocks fit true to size?

Sizing and fit: Birkenstocks fit true to size, and the footbed of the shoes are guaranteed to change your life. Every Birkenstock model provides comfort and convenience, and I urge everyone who’s never worn a pair to go out and try them.

How to put your feet in your shoes?

Unbuckle ALL of the straps and place your feet in the shoes. Make sure your heels are ALL the way back in the heel cup of the shoes. The contours of the footbed should correspond to your own arch and the toe bar should fit comfortably beneath your toes, where your toes meet your foot.

What is Birkenstock’s footwear?

Birkenstock footwear also includes their unique contoured footbed, shock-absorbing soles and specially designed buckles for years of comfort and durability. Almost every component of their footwear can be …

How to soften birkenstocks?

Remove the shoes from the box and gently flex them with your hands or on the floor. Birkenstocks often feel a bit stiff at first and this will help soften them and make them feel comfy sooner.

Why do you need extra room for your feet?

You’ll want a little extra room because your feet will expand when you stand and walk. Buckle the straps starting at your toes and working up. The straps should be a bit snug but not tight. The support will come from the footbed, not from tightly buckled straps.

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