how do arizona birkenstocks fit

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1. Birkenstocks fit true-to-size. Simply consult the sizing charts. I wear a U.S. women’s 9.5, so I ordered my Gizehs and Arizonas in a 40. They’re an absolute perfect fit. Again, for the width, sizing is true. If you take a narrow in most of your other shoes, order a Narrow. If not, you’re a Regular, like most: 2.

How should Birkenstocks fit?

Proper fitting Birkenstock footwear allows up to 0.25-inch of room around the top of longest toe. Ensure that the arch support in the footbed follows the curves of your foot. To check this, place your foot inside the shoe with your heel inside the heel cup. Your foot should fit within the edges of the shoe, without feeling too snug or too loose.

Is there such a thing as a Birkenstock Arizona?

Browsing through the internet nowadays you’ll find a plethora of Birkenstock copies and knock-offs especially of the two strap classic, Arizona. Like any footwear fashion icon, many other brands have created their own versions but in this case, the original is very hard to beat.

Are Birkenstocks considered men’s sandals?

Our M or regular fit Birkenstock are identified as ‘men’s’ sandals due to their wider fit being generally better suited for the shape of men’s feet. If you are a female seeking a wider ‘M’ fit, please choose from our men’s styles (which are in reality unisex!). Are Birkenstock true to size? Birkenstocks are designed to be roomy.

What is the difference between Birkenstock m and N sizes?

Birkenstock sandals are available in two width sizes, M meaning medium and N meaning narrow. An M sandal fits like a regular, so if you have a wider foot opt for an M.

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