how do american apparel jeans fit

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Are good American Jeans true to size?

Good American denim reviews in major fashion magazines have attested that the jeans are true to size and do what they say they will. Good American also has an empowering social message, and steers well clear of fast fashion by continuously striving to be more environmentally friendly.

What is the size range for American Apparel?

Their women’s size charts represent clothing ranging from XS /Size 0 (with a 23 – 24 inch waist) up to an XL / Size 12-14 with a 33 – 35 inch waist. American Apparel also offers shoes and accessories.

What are the different types of good American Jeans?

The denim styles detailed in this review include flared, distressed, and skinny straight, as well as the iconic denim jumpsuit. Note that some popular items, such as Good American Good Cuts Jeans and Good American side zip jeans, have been discontinued, and thus will not be considered in this Good American jeans review.

Where are good American jeans made?

According to its website, Good American clothes are made in Los Angeles, but an investigation by the Alliance of American Manufacturing revealed that the materials for the products are imported. Who sells Good American jeans? As detailed in the Good American Jeans review above, Good American is sold online at and through Amazon.

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