how do american apparel jeans fit

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How to write a business plan?

When you write your business plan, you will write a marketing plan. But, you need to take this further and really consider how you will market your business. As a new business with minimal resources, you may want to implement a referral program or start a loyalty scheme. Think about how your organic social media strategy will play a role in your larger marketing plan. Encourage clients to share your services and results. This helps to produce user-generated content and can do wonders for brand awareness and engagement.

Can I be a virtual personal trainer?

The main thing that’s changed is the delivery of personal training sessions. You now have the opportunity to be a virtual personal trainer and deliver your sessions digitally. You can also mix up in-person, digital, and group sessions. Using outdoor locations like parks, you can train and help your clients in a relatively cost-effective way. As your business grows, you can expand your services and eventually open up your own fitness studio as you build your client base.

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