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Why is blood pressure important?

Blood pressure is an important aspect of the human body in regards to fitness and health. According to statistics, one in every three adults in the US suffers from hypertension. Such worrying facts are what necessitated manufacturers to incorporate blood pressure data into their gadgets.

What are the functions of fitness trackers?

Fitness trackers started with basic functions such as a calorie counter, GPS, heart rate monitor, time and date. Something else has now been added with the newly developed fitness trackers currently on the market. In some cases, a question may pop up in your mind: how do fitness trackers measure blood pressure?

How does a doctor use a stethoscope?

The cuff is then deflated via a small valve, and the doctor uses a stethoscope (placed on your arm) to listen for the sound of blood rushing through the arteries.

Is it better to monitor blood pressure with a fitness tracker?

Monitoring your blood pressure is advantageous in determining your health and fitness status. Fitness trackers have made it easier to measure your blood pressure from home and thus has increased …

Why is a fitness tracker important?

A fitness tracker may be essential to your workout routine, more than you imagine. By monitoring your blood pressure, you can get an overview of your heart health. Furthermore, knowing your blood pressure drives you into maintaining a healthy lifestyle. How do fitness trackers measure blood pressure?

What is the purpose of a sphygmomanometer?

Blood pressure is critical to determine your overall health. A sphygmomanometer is used by health providers to measure blood pressure.

How do fitness trackers measure blood pressure?

How fitness trackers measure blood pressure (techniques) To measure the blood pressure accurately, it’s measured in line with the heart (the reason why physicians use the upper arm). For this reason, most fitness trackers require you to raise your wrist to the heart level for more accurate results. Wrist blood pressure monitors are very sensitive …

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