how do all the continents fit together

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how do all the continents fit together插图

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The concept that continents often fit together is caused by the formation of oceanic crust. So why don’t we have more and more crust on earth? Because crust also disappears through subduction (and some other smaller contributions).

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  • How do continents fit together like a puzzle?

  • The continents fit together like pieces of a puzzle. This is how they looked 250 million years ago. Find a map of the continents and cut each one out. Better yet, use a map where the edges of the continents show the continental shelf. That鈥檚 the true size and shape of a continent. Can you fit the pieces together?

  • Do continents move towards each other?

  • Yes, they do, and even more so. There is a theory I pushed a while back about this – that the continents are expanding outwards and away from each other and originally all fit together from both sides; this is a view also found in hollow earth, yet slightly differently.

  • What is the easiest link between the continents?

  • The easiest link is between the eastern Americas and western Africa and Europe, but the rest can fit together too (Figure 1). Alfred Wegener proposed that the continents were once united into a single supercontinent named Pangaea, meaning all earth in ancient Greek.

  • Why are the continents so similar?

  • 鈥淥nly two explanations have been proposed for the approximate fit of the continental blocks; either the fit is due to chance similarities, and is on a par with the similarity of the coast of Italy to a boot, or the continents were once united and have separated with the formation of the Atlantic Ocean.

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