how do alden shoes fit

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Some lasts have broad, round toe areas (toe box), and some lasts have more narrow and pointed toe boxes. Because of the different last shapes, the various Alden shoe models fit differently, and vary in size. Some models fit approximately 1/2 size larger than others. Each Alden shoe is marked inside with its model number and size.

Are Alden Shoe sizes like Ae?

I’m leaning towards Alden – i’m wondering if their shoe sizes are like AE…maybe a size smaller than what I normally wear? Notwithstanding the effects of different lasts, my experience is that Allen Edmonds runs pretty true to size, while Alden is about half a size larger than what’s marked on the shoe.

What are Alden’s lasts?

Alden’s lasts are all combination lasts, where the heel is two widths narrower than the rest of the shoe. Alden denotes the width of the shoe as a fraction: the top of the fraction represents the width of the heel, while the bottom represents the width of the rest of the shoe.

What happened to Alden boots?

Alden weathered the ups and downs of the American consumer economy in the first half of the 20th century much the same way as other American manufacturers. They survived the Great Depression, and made military boots when World War II made the military the market. As other manufacturers shuttered, though, Alden persevered.

What is an Alden Welt?

The welt seems like a small, shoe-nerd detail but it separates Aldens from shoes with other constructions, like Blake-stitched shoes or cheaper cemented shoes. The company uses a number of lasts, the three-dimensional models on which an upper is shaped.

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