how do adidas sambas fit

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Half size small

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  • Do Adidas Samba og fit true to size?

  • Do adidas Samba OG fit true to size? We’ll tell what size to wear based off your shoes. Samba OG fits exactly like Nike Free Trainer 5.0 (according to 11 users)

  • What is the Adidas Samba made of?

  • The Adidas Samba is comprised of full-grain soft leather upper. The upper is quite soft once broken in. The upper provides a pleasant leather padded ball touch which additionally makes soccer effortless with these shoes. The suede on the upper covers mainly the forefoot and partly the midfoot.

  • Why do the Adidas Samba have no toe room?

  • The toe box of the Adidas Samba seems to narrow down from the start of your fit towards the end. Although this does help in making it much easier to fit and gives a sock-like feeling this often proves to be an enormous issue for people with wider feet. The narrow construction is the major cause of this minimal toe room.

  • Is Adidas Samba og a size smaller than Chuck Taylor Hi?

  • Samba OG runs half a size smaller than Allen Edmonds Park Avenue (according to 17 users) Samba OG runs half a size smaller than Converse Chuck Taylor Hi (according to 17 users) Do adidas Samba OG fit true to size?

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