how are the lock and key and induced fit similar

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how are the lock and key and induced fit similar插图

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Lockand Keystates that there is no change needed and that only a certain type will fit. However inducedfitsays the active site will change to help to substrate fit. In lockand keythe active site has one single entry however in inducedfitthe active site is made of two components.

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  • What is induced fit and lock and key model?

  • Induced fit and lock and key model are the two models of enzyme-substrate interactions. Generally, they describe how the enzymes interact with the substrate. 1. What is Induced Fit Model 2. What is Lock and Key Model 3. What are the Similarities Between Induced Fit and Lock and Key Model 4.

  • What is induced fit model of enzyme action?

  • The induced fit model of enzyme action, in which the active site changes shape after the substrate binds. The Induced Fit model is similar to the Lock and Key model. The order in which a reaction takes place is the same: A substrate binds to an enzyme, forming an enzyme-substrate complex. The enzyme facilitates the chemical reaction.

  • What is the induced fit theory?

  • The induced fit is a theory that explains the binding of a substrate into an active site of an enzyme that does not have a correct conformation with that of the active site.

  • What is lock and key model of enzyme-substrate interaction?

  • Lock and key model is the second model, which describes the enzyme-substrate interaction. However, Emil Fischer suggested this model in 1894. Therefore, it is also called Fisher鈥檚 theory. According to the lock and key model, the active site of the enzymes serves as the 鈥榣ock鈥?while its substrate serves as the 鈥榢ey鈥?

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