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how are softball gloves supposed to fit

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Snug fit
The fit of your softball glove is crucial to your ability to catch the ball or transfer it from the glove to your hand. For proper sizing,measure from the tip of your index finger to the start of your wrist in inches. Your glove should have asnug fit. So,choose a size that currently fits your hand and not one that you think you can grow into.

How big a softball glove should be?

What size glove should a softball infield use? 11.5-12.5 inches Infield softball gloves usually range from 11.5-12.5 inches. Outfield gloves are larger than infield gloves to enable more range and reach in the large space being covered. These gloves have a deeper pocket, and usually have an H-web or a Trapeze web. …

What size softball glove is best for an outfielder?

Slow Pitch Softball GlovesInfield Slow Pitch Gloves: 12.00 – 13.00 inch patternOutfield Slow Pitch Gloves: 12.50 – 15.00 inch patternManufacturers,such as Miken and Dudley,make gloves specifically for adult Slow Pitch softball players.

What size Glove Does a fastpitch softball outfielder need?

These gloves are usually longer and deeper with extra support in the fingers. The pockets for fastpitch softball can be closed webs because they need to be extra deep due to the size of the softball. The typical size of an outfielder’s softball glove is 9 to 15 inches.

How do you know what size softball glove to get?

Measure around the hand at the fullest part (exclude thumb)Measure from the tip of the middle finger to the base of the handUse the largest of these two measurements for the correct size gloveIf you are right handed,take measurements from your right handIf you are left handed,take measurements from your left handMore items…

How to size softball glove?

A large glove is not the best way to help your child develop their skills and can even cause injury. For outfield players, larger gloves are better for catching the ball in flight. Infield players require smaller gloves with deeper pockets to allow them greater control and faster throws. Softball players minimum 6 years. The glove size between 9-10 inches is sufficient for most positions. However, a glove between 10 and 11 inches is best for older people. 7 to 9 Also applicable to all positions. All ages of players 10-14 Infielders might be able to fit with 11.5 to 12.5, while the outfielders could choose from 12 to 13. For players who are 15 and above, infielders might wear a 12-13, while outfielders could use a 12.5-14. For exact measurements by age and position, please refer to the below-sizing chart.

What is the difference between a first base glove and a catcher’s mitt?

A first base glove, on the other hand, has a thinner padding and more length to catch infield throws. The pocket is shallow, which allows for quick retrieval of the ball.

What is the heaviest material in softball gloves?

Steerhide leather: Steerhide is used as the heaviest material in softball gloves. These gloves can be difficult to break in but are durable and strong.

How to measure for a baseball glove?

Your ability to catch and transfer the ball from your glove to your hand is dependent on how it fits. Measuring from your index finger to your wrist and measuring in inches. The glove should fit snugly. You should choose the size that fits you best and not one you feel you could grow into.

What are the openings in a glove that allow you to use your fingers called?

Finger stalls: The openings in a glove’s glove that allow you to use your fingers are called finger stalls.

What is wrist adjustment?

Adjustment of the wrist: A wrist adjustment allows for a perfect fit. There are many styles available, including D-ring fasteners and buckle systems, lace adjustments, and hook-and-loop fasteners.

What is a pocket in baseball?

Pocket: Pockets are similar to the web and help with ball control at impact. Infielders prefer to have a shallow pocket while outfielders prefer a deeper pocket.

How to break in a baseball glove?

Follow tradition and toss a ball back and forth with someone to shape your glove’s interior pocket. Use a mallet. To speed up the process , beat the pocket with a glove mallet to mold it to the proper shape and softness. Wrap it up. When you’re not wearing it, fold the palm of your glove around a softball as if the fingers were gripping it. Then, slip a glove wrap on top to keep it secure. Add conditioner. Moisturizing leather with glove conditioner or oil softens the material and makes it more workable. Steam it. Steaming can also relax leather and improve flexibility. To avoid damage, find a professional who offers this service.

What are the parts of a glove?

The 4 Main Parts of a Glove. Webbing: the area between your thumb and fingers. It can be woven tightly or left open based on preference and position. Fingers: the fingers secure and support your four fingers and thumb. Palm: the ‘pocket’ in the center of your glove used to catch and secure the ball. Heel: Located below the palm directly …

What is the difference between softball and baseball?

But if you look a little closer, you’ll notice a difference in one essential piece of equipment; softballs are bigger than baseballs, so the gloves and webbing are bigger to catch them. This difference also helps explain the variation between baseball and softball pitches.

How to measure catcher’s mitt size?

The right-sized glove will feel snug – not tight – and can vary by age or position. Catcher’s mitts are measured by circumference instead of length to provide a better idea of the catching area. Remember, kids’ softball gloves should be snug, too.

What equipment does the Academy use for softball?

At Academy, coaches can find affordable softball team equipment to track games – from scorebooks and lineup cards to speed guns and pitch counters. Use our softball training aids for agility drills, speed training, batting, pitching, and catching practice.

Why do you need a multipurpose glove?

If you’re an amateur or shopping for a kid, you’ll want a multipurpose glove to help you learn and practice different positions. Ask the following questions to choose the perfect fit for you:

Why do infielders wear gloves?

Infielders use smaller gloves with shallow pockets and open webs so they can quickly retrieve and throw balls. If you’re an amateur or shopping for a kid, you’ll want a multipurpose glove to help you learn and practice different positions. Ask the following questions to choose the perfect fit for you:

Why Are Infield Gloves Smaller Than Outfield Gloves?

Using a smaller glove in the infield as compared to the outfield comes down to the way the game is played and the requirements of each individual position.

What is the difference between infield gloves and outfield gloves?

The difference between these two comes down to size. Infield gloves are slightly smaller than outfield gloves.

What happens if you use a glove that is too small?

If you use a glove that is too small for your needs, it will be difficult to catch the ball and have it stay in the glove.

Why is the shape of the ball important in baseball?

This shape makes it easier to catch a range of different pitches that will be thrown throughout the game and provides some protection for the hand of the individual playing that position.

Why is a smaller glove better?

Also, a smaller glove is lighter, and therefore can be moved faster – important when trying to react to a ball that has been hit particularly hard.

What positions use gloves in softball?

Two positions on the softball field typically use specialized gloves that are not used by other position players – first base and catcher.

Why do some players like to have a smaller glove?

The goal is to optimize your performance and to have your glove not get in the way of how you play.

What are the parts of a softball glove?

Understanding glove anatomy can help you meet your needs on the field. Take a closer look at the parts of a softball glove. Webbing: The web design of your glove is key in ball control. Webs have two main styles: open or closed.

What is a two piece web?

Two-Piece: Two-piece webs are a closed style with two strips of leather laced together. Strong and durable, this design is great for helping pitchers to conceal the ball.

What is a stall in a glove?

Finger stalls: Finger stalls are the openings on a glove for your fingers. Palm: The palm of your glove has padding underneath the leather for impact protection. Heel: The heel is the lower part of the glove that protects the bottom of your hand.

How to measure for softball glove?

For proper sizing, measure from the tip of your index finger to the start of your wrist in inches. Your glove should have a snug fit.

What is a single post mitt?

Single Post: This popular web type for first base mitts allows for flexibility and visibility. It features two strips of leather across a vertical post.

What is the difference between an infielder and an outfielder?

In general, infielders prefer a shallow pocket, while outfielders opt for a deep pocket. Back: The back is the space for your index finger. There are both open and closed designs. Open backs have a larger space for more hand and wrist flexibility.

What is a webbing glove?

Webbing: The web design of your glove is key in ball control. Webs have two main styles: open or closed. The one you choose will depend on your position and preferences. Fielders typically like an open web, while pitchers prefer a closed web to hide their pitches.

What is the difference between softball gloves and baseball gloves?

Similar characteristics apply to both softball and baseball gloves, the main difference being that softball gloves are usually a certain degree longer and have deeper pockets to be able to fit the larger size of a softball. Gloves have such a simple function in just catching a ball.

What glove type has no finger channels?

First base. Just like the catcher’s mitt, this glove type also does not have any finger channels. In contrast, a first base glove has much thinner padding and added length for catching infield throws. It also comes with a shallow pocket that allows for swift retrieval of the ball.

How does the depth of a softball glove pocket affect the ball?

Again, softball glove pockets are relatively deeper to be able to accommodate the larger ball.

What are softball gloves made of?

Generally, softball gloves are made up of leather, treated leather, or synthetic leather. The difference between the three lies in their feel and durability. Most of the expensive gloves are made of leather, which gives the best feel and is the most durable. The quality of the leather determines the price range for genuine leather gloves. Treated leather is softened and strengthened. This allows for a faster break-in, a more durable make, and easier overall maintenance. Synthetic is the most affordable option of the three. It is usually durable and quite usable, especially for young starting players who will eventually transition to a more permanent leather glove later on in their playing life. You can find a more in-depth discussion on glove materials here.

What glove does not have channels?

Catcher. This type of softball glove does not have any channels to individually insert your fingers. It comes with a thick and heavy padding on the palms and overall reinforcements to buffer the continuous pounding from a pitcher’s throws throughout the course of the entire game.

Why do infielders use open webbing?

Whether or not to choose a glove with webbing is determined both by player preference and field position. Open webbing is allows for quick retrieval of the ball, which is a great advantage for infielders. Outfielders and third base players benefit more from closed or tightly woven webbing.

What is wrist adjustment in baseball gloves?

This feature is available in some gloves. A wrist adjustment helps keep a glove snugly fixed to the player’s hand. It may come in the form of a buckle, lacing, Velcro, or D-rings.

What is Wilson A2000?

Wilson A2000 gloves are great for any player that wants to break-in their glove exactly the way they want it. The Superskin backing is twice as strong but weighs half as much as regular leather, resulting in a lightweight and durable glove. – Patrick B. COMPARE QUICK VIEW

What is intermediate glove?

Intermediate gloves are designed for players with smaller hands but are playing at a level where they need a high-quality glove. There are two popular editions for this glove style including the Wilson Pedroia Fit (DP15) and the Rawlings Contour Fit.

How big are softball gloves?

Slow Pitch softball gloves tend to run much larger in comparison to both baseball gloves and Fastpitch softball gloves and range from 12 inches all the way to 15 inches.

What is DP15 gloves?

Starting with the Wilson Pedroia Fit (DP15), these gloves guarantee a smaller wrist opening with more narrow finger stalls.

What size glove do pitchers wear?

Other than that, sizes are similar to an infielder’s glove. Baseball Pitcher Gloves: 11.50 – 12.00 inch pattern. Fastpitch Softball Pitcher Gloves: 12.00 – 12.50 inch pattern.

What is the difference between youth baseball gloves and adult baseball gloves?

While the sizes of youth infielder gloves and youth outfielder gloves are comparable to adult baseball gloves, the difference is in the fit. Youth gloves will have smaller wrist openings and shorter finger stalls.

Why are outfield gloves bigger than infield gloves?

This is because outfielders need a larger pocket to assist with pop flies while infielders need a smaller, shallower pocket to help with quick transitions.

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