how are shutters fitted

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Shutters can be installed on theinside of the recess openingas shown in Diagrams A, B, C, D, E.1 and E.2. Frames are placed next to the window frame and screwed into the recess.

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  • Can shutters be fitted to any window?

  • Yes 鈥?Shutters can be fitted to almost any window using several frame configurations, although there are two main approaches for this solution 鈥?either inside or outside the window recess.

  • How to install shutter frames and shutters?

  • 鈥?Hinge the side frame to the shutter panels making the top of the frame flush with the top of the panel. 鈥?Offer assembled shutters and frames to flat section inside architrave and mark position of frames. 鈥?Detach shutters from frames and face-fix frames accordingly using raw plugs if necessary. 鈥?Re-attach shutters.

  • How to choose the right frame for your plantation shutters?

  • The frame suited to your window also depends on if there鈥檚 an obstacle that would impact the function of your plantation shutters. This could be things like door handles, window winders or locks. For example, if you have a window winder you may need a 3-sided frame so that your window could maintain functionality.

  • Do shutters need to be fitted inside or outside the recess?

  • Shutters need to be fitted either inside or outside of the recess. What is the window 鈥榬ecess鈥? The recess is the space around the window. Often in UK properties, there is a windowsill, with the glass panes themselves matching up with the exterior wall line.

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