how accurate is the samsung gear fit 2

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  • What is the Samsung Gear Fit2?

  • Learn more The Samsung Gear Fit2 along with the Gear S3 and the S2 smartwatches proves that the Korean tech giant is starting to get a hang of making wearables you’ll actually want to wear. It was also a bit of a step up from the original fitness tracker /smartwatch hybrid.

  • Is the Samsung Galaxy Fit accurate?

  • The Fitbit Inspire HR and Xiaomi Mi Band 4 鈥?the Galaxy Fit鈥檚 biggest competitors 鈥?do have connected GPS, though they both drop the altimeter. Generally, the Galaxy Fit is an accurate fitness tracker. My step count at the end of the day isn鈥檛 wildly off from my Garmin Forerunner 245 Music step count.

  • Is the Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 worth it?

  • The Fit 2 is a step up from the Galaxy Fit duo it鈥檚 replacing. If you like the idea of a cheap fitness tracker that feels nice to wear has a lovely screen and does a good enough job of tracking steps and sleep, the Fit 2 will have appeal. For anything beyond that though, Samsung鈥檚 tracker seems to come up a bit short.

  • Is the Galaxy Fit 2 compatible with Android and iOS devices?

  • Both Samsung鈥檚 Galaxy Wear and Samsung鈥檚 Health app are required to sync the Galaxy Fit 2 with your phone, and are compatible with both Android and iOS. I鈥檝e been using them on a Samsung Galaxy Fold.

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