how accurate are fitness trackers for heart rate

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There have been several different studies that show fitness trackers and smartwatches are fairly goodat measuring heart rate at rest or in recovery,but get less accurate as the intensity of exercise increases. 鈥淎t any moment your tracker could be 20 beats too high or low,鈥?Cadmus-Bertram suggests.

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  • How accurate do fitness trackers measure heart rate and energy expenditure?

  • A Stanford inquiry into the accuracy of seven wristband activity monitors showed that six out of seven devices measured heart rate within 5 percent. None, however, measured energy expenditure well. Euan Ashley and his team conducted a study to determine how accurately seven types of fitness trackers measure heart rate and energy expenditure.

  • Do I need an accurate fitness tracker or smartwatch?

  • An accurate tracker or smartwatch can be a big help in the home if you’re thinking of setting up a gym. Read our exercise equipment buying guide for more on how to get started. Tracking your heart rate is one of the best ways to monitor improvements in health and fitness levels, so accuracy is important.

  • How accurate are fitness trackers that use accelerometry?

  • The meta-analysis makes clear that devices that employ accelerometry alone are also much less accurate at estimating energy expenditure than trackers with heart rate sensors. Budget is obviously going to figure in your decision, too, but you don鈥檛 necessarily have to spend a lot.

  • Is Fitbit’s heart rate monitor accurate?

  • In a statement, Fitbit said that its trackers are not intended to be medical devices. The company’s own tests showed that their heart rate monitor performs to industry standard expectations for optical heart rate monitoring on the wrist, and has an error of less than 6 bpm, on average, when compared to a chest strap.

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