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The good news is if you snap an iPhone XR into an iPhone 11 case,it鈥檒l fit with no worries,and that includes support for the Apple Smart Battery Case. Simply throw an iPhone XR into the iPhone 11 Smart Battery Case and it will be supported,complete with the extra camera button included on the side. You will need to update your iPhone …

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  • Do iPhone XR cases fit on iPhone 11?

  • iPhone XR cases on the iPhone 11 Thanks to that identical size and shape, snapping an iPhone XR case to an iPhone 11 is easy enough, and should fit on nicely. The camera configuration is a little different, and so iPhone XR cases will typically cover the flash on the iPhone 11.

  • Do rokform iPhone XS cases fit the iPhone 11 Pro?

  • While the dimensions of the two models are quite similar, the new triple-camera design of the iPhone 11 Pro Max means that the cut-outs of Rokform iPhone XS cases are not compatible. Do iPhone XS cases fit the iPhone 11 Pro? Unfortunately, no.

  • Why is the iPhone XR no longer available?

  • That often leaves the older generation of phones with a different amount of stock, as the new phones become where companies look towards. When Apple released the iPhone 11, it also left the iPhone XR around, making it the only model from last year that you could still find available.

  • What is the difference between the iPhone 11 and iPhone X/XS?

  • There are some serious issues with your post. First, an iPhone 11 has 6.1 inch screen and an iPhone X/Xs has an 5.8 inch screen. See the picture of apple’s comparison website below.

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