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does rogue fitness drug test

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Is Rogue Fitness a good brand?

” In terms of the brand as a whole, some customers had good experiences with Rogue Fitness, citing high-quality products and excellent customer service. Take this example: “ Super solid company, ordered high value items off here many times.

Does Rogue Fitness have coupon codes or discounts?

At the time of this review, there are no Rogue Fitness coupon codes, but there are deals on its website. You can shop its hot deals, closeout sales, and boneyard to find discounted equipment. There are, unfortunately, no Rogue Fitness military discounts. But, the company has donated more than $500k to veteran-related organizations.

What is the history of Rogue Fitness?

Starting in 2006, Bill Henniger began Rogue Fitness in his garage, but it quickly grew into a warehouse facility in Columbus, Ohio. By 2015, the company reached its goal of a 500 person team. Since then, the brand has only continued to grow. In 2018, Rogue Fitness used 26 million pounds of steel at its Ohio manufacturing factory alone.

How much does a Rogue Fitness bench cost?

Prices vary greatly depending on the size you choose to buy, ranging from $37 for 5-pound dumbbells to $883 for 150 pounds. Customers can also buy sets to get the most out of their Rogue Fitness bench. These sets range from $1661 for 5-50 pounds to $7557 for 105-150 pounds.

Interviews for Top Jobs at Rogue Fitness

Your trust is our top concern, so companies can’t alter or remove interviews.

Talent Director Interview

I applied through other source. The process took 3 months. I interviewed at Rogue Fitness (Columbus, OH)

Warehouse Associate Interview

late to get back with me, didn’t appreciate that. constant call backs that’s good as for the interview didn’t follow through with continuing the process/ employment and career path. thank you for the offer

Warehouse Team Member Interview

This interview was a smooth process that took place via google chat. The interviewer really took the time to have an intentional conversation. Overall, this was a very smooth process.

Design Engineer Interview

Started with preliminary video screen. Basic questions about experience and interest in role and what the role entails. Follow up interview focused on a design problem to solve in an hour.

Marketing Internship Interview

I applied online. I interviewed at Rogue Fitness (Columbus, OH) in May 2021

Customer Service Interview

Application submitted online then the one way video interview for the process. The one way interview sucked because of my internet connection so I missed like half of the questions.

Is Rogue Fitness Worth It?

When you’re looking for fitness equipment, you want it to be top quality. And, this brand seems to offer just that. With a variety of products at different price points for fitness newbies and exercise experts alike, Rogue Fitness seems to be a well-respected name in the industry.

What dumbbells are good for a workout?

If you’re looking to get strong, the Rogue Fitness dumbbells would be a great addition to your workout. While there are many varieties to choose from, this review will focus on two: the Urethane Dumbbells and the Rubber Hex Dumbbell Sets.

What is a rogue fitness dumbbell?

If you prefer rubber dumbbells, the Rogue Fitness Rubber Hex Dumbbells are for you. These weights are available to order by the pair, but also in three complete standard sets. These are more affordable than the other product and designed to minimize noise, even if you drop them.

What is a rogue fitness power rack?

This Rogue Fitness power rack is a spin on the classic westside barbell rack. With heavy gauge American steel and hardware, a small footprint, and compatibility with other products from the Rogue Infinity R-Series, this product is high quality and accessible.

How long are Rogue Fitness resistance bands?

The bands are 41 inches in length and made from durable latex rubber.

How much steel does Rogue Fitness use?

Since then, the brand has only continued to grow. In 2018, Rogue Fitness used 26 million pounds of steel at its Ohio manufacturing factory alone. And, as of 2019, the team has over 600 members, and Rogue Fitness dominates 43 acres of land and buildings in the state.

What is a wide range of products encompassing all fitness needs?

Wide range of products encompassing all fitness needs, such as bikes, barbells, dumbbells, bands, apparel, and more

What is Rogue Fitness?

Rogue Fitness is an exercise equipment company. It supplies customers internationally but is focused on sourcing supplies locally and strengthening U.S. manufacturing. It sells supplies for various sports, but its main focus is weightlifting gear, including full rigs, racks, bars and plates to help enhance your setup. It also sells equipment and accessories for CrossFit, Strongman and conditioning and has apparel, nutritional supplements and mobility accessories.

What is a rogue gym?

Rogue Fitness is a weightlifting and workout equipment provider that offers a variety of home gym products . The company emphasizes manufacturing in the U.S., and though its products can be pricey and its shipping costs are often high, it’s a solid option for those looking to add to their home gym setup.

What brands does Rogue Fitness sell?

Rogue Fitness has its own brand of fitness equipment, but it also sells brands like York, BandBell, Hi-Temp, Nike and Reebok.

Is Rogue Fitness a legitimate company?

Rogue Fitness is a legitimate company with a variety of options for athletes at every level. Whether you’re just starting CrossFit or working on your weightlifting progress, Rogue can help you reach your goals. Along with exercise equipment, you can buy accessories, apparel and nutritional supplements from Rogue. If you’re comfortable with the potentially high cost of building a home gym, Rogue is a solid choice for workout and weightlifting equipment.

What is the 3 Ships Free program?

3 Ships Free program: If you buy three or more of the specified products, they ship at no cost.

Does Rogue Fitness have bar and plate equipment?

Rogue Fitness has everything you need for a full weightlifting setup. It offers bar and plate equipment packages, but you can also buy pieces individually. Rogue’s weightlifting products include:

Does Rogue Fitness ship?

Rogue Fitness’s shipping costs depend on the order. Given the weight and size of most Rogue products, shipping costs can be considerable. The company does offer several free shipping promotions — for example, you get free shipping for spending over $5,000 or when you buy a full rig (limited to the continental U.S.).

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