does planet fitness require a contract

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Evidence to this is the 830 locations of Planet Fitness,as opposed to the over 3,000 locations for Anytime Fitness. Again,unlike Anytime Fitness,Planet Fitness requires a contractfrom its members,consequently,charging a start-up fee ranging from $15-30.

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  • Can you get a Planet Fitness membership without a contract?

  • Frequently, Planet Fitness runs 鈥淣o Commitment鈥?promotions where you can get a new membership without having to agree to pay for a year. In the event one of these promotions isn鈥檛 presently taking place, try talking to the manager.

  • How much is the annual fee at Planet Fitness?

  • Posted: (10 days ago) Planet Fitness Annual Fee. Planet Fitness Annual fee is $ 39, and the billing date is based on your joining date. Planet Fitness Annual fee is charged around eight weeks after your joining. For more information, you can contact their club staff. Also Read : Planet Fitness Annual fee. Planet Fitness Phone Number

  • Does planet Fitness lose members when gyms are closed?

  • However, somewhat surprisingly, the company lost relatively few members while gym locations were closed. Planet Fitness charges a monthly membership fee, but the fee was waived while gyms were closed. This gave members very little incentive to cancel their memberships early on.

  • What are the terms and conditions for Planet Fitness?

  • Planet Fitness Terms Conditions T’s c’s Terms Conditions. 7/14 Days Free. Valid until 1 December 2021. Only one gift membership per person per year. Not exchangeable for cash. Not valid for current Planet Fitness members but can be transferred to a family member or friend. Only valid for people over 18 years of age. …

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