does planet fitness have hot tubs

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  • Does planet Fitness have saunas?

  • Posted: (1 days ago) Planet Fitness does not have saunas. They also do not have steam rooms. Those who have $20 memberships are entitled to a tanning bed, a hydro-massage machine, and some other amenities offered by the gym.

  • Does planet Fitness have pools?

  • Planet Fitness also does not have pools. The reason for this is to keep the cost of membership affordable. However, planet Fitness members have access to other perks such as tanning beds, hydromassage, drinks, and Reebok products discounts. View Details View Details

  • Does LA Fitness have a hot tub?

  • The amenities can be hit or miss (one of the LA Fitness locations near me has a pool but no hot tub or sauna), so check with your local gym.

  • Which gyms have pools and saunas?

  • Which big box gyms usually have pools and saunas? 1 1. Life Time. Simply put, Life Time has UNREAL pools. While you鈥檒l usually find a section of the pool roped off for lap swimming and exercise, most … 2 2. Equinox. 3 3. LA Fitness. 4 4. YMCA. 5 5. 24 Hour Fitness. More items

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