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does mlok fit keymod

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In that regard, both M-Lok and KeyModdefinitely fit the bill. However, if you shoot frequently or competitively, M-Lok offers durable reliability and the approval of America’s elite forces. It’s hard to argue with that performance level, no matter who was first to the party.

What is the difference between KeyMod and M-LOK?

The M-LOK is similar to the KeyMod system in that both involve locking a nut into a slot on the rail. The M-LOK system uses a rectangular T-Nut and a rectangular slot. Orient the T-Nuts so that they will sit in the M-LOK slots.

What is the M-LOK Modular Lock?

The Modular Lock, or M-LOK was patented by Magpul Industries and introduced to the market in 2014. Just like the KeyMod, the M-LOK allows for direct accessory attachment. Magpul sought a design that worked better with non-metal mount surfaces. The polymer accessories Magpul offered didn’t work well with the KeyMod’s conical nut.

Are the KeyMod and M-LOK systems a replacement for picatinny?

Neither the KeyMod (right) nor M-Lok (left) systems are a replacement for the picatinny standard, but they complement it. Picatinny adapters like those above are the most common accessories for both systems.

Is the M-LOK the best way to Mount gadgets to your AR-15?

But the problem with the Picatinny system is that it can add unnecessary weight to your rifle and bulk it up in a bad way, especially when placed on the fore end of your rifle. From this inconvenience came two new ways to mount gadgets to your AR-15 (or other rifles!): the KeyMod and the M-LOK.

How to mount keymod accessories?

To mount KeyMod accessories: Orient the KeyMod nut the correct way. The backer nut, which is the piece that actually goes into the KeyMod slot, protrudes on one side only at the bottom. This protrusion should face in the same direction as the muzzle of the gun.

What is a Picatinny rail?

For years, the Picatinny rail was the leader in attaching lights, lasers, foregrips, and other accessories, but it had drawbacks. Adding a Picatinny rail onto a rifle’s handguard or fore-end adds extra weight, and some shooters complain about the extra bulk and “cheese grate” feeling it has on the hand. And although both the Picatinny and Weaver …

What is M-Lok locking?

The M-LOK is similar to the KeyMod system in that both involve locking a nut into a slot on the rail. The M-LOK system uses a rectangular T-Nut and a rectangular slot.

When was KeyMod released?

They released the KeyMod system to the public in 2012 in hopes of standardizing universal attachment systems. It is an open-source design, meaning the design can be used freely by any company to make rails or accessories.

What is the purpose of the USSOCOM test?

The purpose of the testing was to compare which system was superior in regard to repeatability, endurance, rough handling, drop testing, and failure load.

Does M-LOK pass the Rough Handling test?

In the Endurance and Rough Handling tests, both systems passed. The most significant variation was in the Repeatability test. M-LOK came out on top with the least amount of MOA shift when removing, then reattaching, an accessory rail with a laser sight. They found that in a drop test, M-LOK accessories remained attached 100% of the time, while KeyMod accessories remained attached only 33% of the time. From this testing, the M-LOK was selected for use on the Suppressed Upper Receiver Group and Advanced Sniper Rifle programs.

Who invented the M lock?

The Modular Lock, or M-LOK was patented by Magpul Industries and introduced to the market in 2014. Just like the KeyMod, the M-LOK allows for direct accessory attachment. Magpul sought a design that worked better with non-metal mount surfaces. The polymer accessories Magpul offered didn’t work well with the KeyMod’s conical nut. So, they created the M-LOK system.

What is a keymod?

KeyMod is an accessory rail system that uses rows of uni-directional keyhole shapes within a rifle’s handguard to affix accessory attachments while keeping overall weight an profile to a minimum.

What is the purpose of KeyMod and M-LOK entering the Thunderdome?

It is on this ground that KeyMod and M-LOK enter the Thunderdome to determine who will ultimately be Bartertown’s accessory attachment system of choice.

How much does a M-LOK shift?

Here we see the reinstallation POA shift of KeyMod products averaged amost 5 inches, while the M-LOK products shifted just over 1 inch with reinstallation. The NAVSEA conclusion was “M-LOK? achieved a 73% improvement in average POA shift over KeyMod”

Why were Keymod and M-Lock developed?

Both Keymod and M-Lock were developed to improve on these older rail systems and if their popularity and performance are any indication, are delivering on that promise in spades.

How to make sure lugs go into rail?

Take a careful look at the rail to make sure that the lugs will go into the holes in the rail, then insert the lugs and give them a quarter turn so they’re oriented perpendicular to the rail, under the rail.

When did Magpul release the M-LOK?

Never content to rest on its laurels, Magpul release MOE handguards in 2009, making the slot-based system available to the Joe Beercans of the world. In 2014, Magpul built on the success of the MOE handguard, debuting M-LOK, which took the MOE format and added larger, more durable, squared-sided slots. This system uses t-shaped accessory attachment …

How to lock an accessory in place?

Tighten the screws while the accessory is in the forward position to lock your accessory in place.

What Are You Rocking?

While there’s no reason to believe M-LOK wouldn’t come out the victor in this battle, that doesn’t mean that KeyMod handguards are inherently flawed. As long as you’re not in a situation where you’re going to be running, gunnin’, and clanging your rifle against the ground and everything else, you probably won’t be put in a situation where your attachments loosen or fall off anyways.

How does KeyMod work?

The idea here is that you put the lug through the big circular opening and then slide the attachment forward, tightening the Allan wrench in the narrow part of the slot until your attachment is securely fastened.

What is the standard mounting system for AR-15?

The standard mounting system on most rifles, especially those on the AR-15 platform, has been the Picatinny rail. In fact, it still is one of the most widely used mounting systems because of its, straightforward, easy-to-use nature. FN 15 Quad Rail.

What is the benefit of KMR?

The KMR series will cut some bulk off your rifle and give it a slimmer profile, creating an overall nice look. Another benefit of Bravo Company’s KMR series is that they feel much smoother in the hand than some of the other KeyMod systems out there.

What is a G3M?

The G3M Series is an aggressive handguard with ample mounting slots to handle whatever you’re planning on attaching. It’s also a lightweight handguard that sits comfortably in the hand (no grab) and is made from a durable material that can handle whatever you throw at it – which is why it comes with a lifetime warranty.

What is a super slim handguard?

The Super Slim handguard removes some fluff from your handguard while giving you a sturdy, 112-KeyMod slot design. And with more than ten different color combinations, finding one that fits your personality and style shouldn’t be a problem.

What is the best thing about owning a rifle?

One of the best parts about owning a rifle is being able to play with all of the cool attachments. A good optic sight, flashlight, or bi-pod can really help you to get more out of shooting your rifle – but first you’ve gotta mount them. The standard mounting system on most rifles, especially those on the AR-15 platform, has been the Picatinny rail.

Does MLok have a beveled surface?

MLok does not have (as far as I can tell) any self-centering beveled surfaces to allow realignment (for repeat zero) and limit travel without needing to be vein-popping tight. I think MLok is a good non-zeroed replacement for all the various vent holes however.

Is Keymod better than 1913?

I prefer keymod personally but either one is a nice improvement over 1913 for weight, diameter, and modularity.

Is M-Lok repeatable?

We have had repeatability on M-LOK metal rails to be at what is expected for pictininy rail accessories. Just follow the install guide PDF that can be downloaded here…

What is a keymod handguard?

Handguards built with the Keymod system can be incredibly lightweight, and allow for the direct attachment of any Keymod-compatible accessories. Several companies already produce Keymod rifles and handguards as well as attachments like vertical foregrips, bipod adapters, sling adapters, and flashlight mounts.

How to attach a keymod rail?

To attach a keymod-compatible accessory, line up the lugs on the accessory with the round part of the keyhole. Slide it forward, and then tighten the screws.

What is M-LOK slot?

M-LOK is effectively MOE 2.0 with direct attach capability allowing it to be used on longer freefloat rail systems with no backside access. The MOE slot system was introduced back in 2007 with the MOE handguards and M-LOK accessories are backwards compatible with older MOE handguards via a small adapter plate.

What are the advantages of keymod and M-Lok?

The advantage of keymod and M-Lok over simple screw holes are twofold. 1. Weight: Instead of having to put in the support for tapped holes every inch or whatever, you offset that to the actual attachment, and instead have slots on the handguard. That can be a pretty big savings on the weight.

When did M-LOK replace the MOE slot?

With M-LOK replacing every existing Magpul MOE slot handguard in 2014 and with the introduction of 4-6 new hand guards this year, M-LOK adoption in 2015 will remain several times the size of the entire Keymod marketplace -if used by Magpul alone.

Which is better, Magpul or KeyMod?

KeyMod is clearly the better design. 1) KeyMod has no lose screws or tiny pieces you can lose like the M-LOK, and 2) KeyMod attachments allow for a much tighter connection than M-LOK, which provides a far better "return-to-zero" for your attachments. I understand why Magpul would spin things to support M-LOK, as stated in their comment ("…we have nothing against Keymod. It’s use of a conical nut makes it unsuitable for non metal mount surfaces such as MOE handguard…"). Translation: The plastic used to make Magpul ‘s MOE handguard can’t handle the tight connection of a KeyMod attachment. Magpul should just say the two system are different and M-LOK is designed to work with their plastic accessories, period. Here’s a good video showing the Magpul M-LOK system (watch it and you recognize the flaws). https://youtu.be/GnS9AvFRVYA

What is a Picatinny rail?

The picatinny accessory rail system has been the standard for bolting stuff to our AR-15s and other rifles for several years now. It’s an excellent system, especially for mounting optics, but including picatinny rails on a rifle’s foreend/handguard can add a lot of unwanted bulk and weight.

What is the hardest decision to make when building an AR rifle?

Tis’ a golden age of riflery when one of the hardest decision when building an AR rifle is to choose between KeyMod or M-LOK. Not content to force a choice, Midwest Industries has released their M-LOK to KeyMod and KeyMod to M-LOK Adapters.

How much does a Gear Locker adapter cost?

The adapters retail from $21 to about $25, depending on the configuration chosen. They are available only in black anodized aluminum. The Gear Locker has one of the first videos on the new accessories. In short, they work.

Which rail won the war in 1913?

And on that note, the NATO-1913 rail wins.

Is M-Lok cheaper than Keymod?

OK, both systems have advantages and disadvantages: M-Lok is easier to produce, therefore cheaper for the buyers. Keymod needs a little more milling than M-Lok, but looks tacticool and is known well from every mans Garage (keyhole walls for tools).

Can you use pic rail on M-Lok?

Simple as that. I got the SLR ultralight 14 in m-lok instead of keymod and kinda regretting it. I guess you could just add a pic rail and use the rail mounted versions too.

Is a hobby a money pit?

Any hobby is a money pit :-) They all drag you in and before you know it your wallet is a ton lighter and you are left scratching your head 🙂 🙂

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