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does la fitness honor bally’s membership

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Does LA Fitness honor BallyBally ManufacturingBally Manufacturing, later renamed Bally Entertainment, was an American company that began as a pinball and slot machine manufacturer, and later expanded into casinos, video games, health clubs, and theme parks. It was acquired by Hilton Hotels in 1996. Its brand name is still use…en.wikipedia.org’s membership?LA Fitness has now decided to honor Bally lifetime memberships in full, including nationwide access.. Patch is now receiving reader reports that Bally lifetime membership holders are able to verify their information and contract with LA Fitness at this site.

Is there a class action lawsuit against Bally Fitness?

The class action lawsuit is brought on behalf of all persons who own or did own a Bally lifetime membership. It is seeking compensatory damages, including statutory damages, and a Court order permanent restraining Bally and LA Fitness from not honoring Bally’s lifetime memberships.

Is LA Fitness owned by Bally’s?

Word of the acquisition originally reached Patch after customers at the location on Dec. 4. LA Fitness had purchased 171 clubs throughout the country from Bally’s, including 13 in the Philadelphia region, and all customer contracts at those locations, with the exception of lifetime memberships.

Should LA Fitness be credited for the help of its members?

However, according to its most recent statement, LA Fitness has now agreed to allow nationwide access to its members. Levy says the company should be credited. LA Fitness has been one hundred percent [helpful] , they’ve gone over and above what they had to legally do, said Levy.

What do plaintiffs want in a class action lawsuit?

In addition to requesting the court to make this a class-action case, the plaintiffs want their lifetime memberships honored and the opportunity to work out at a Bally or LA Fitness club. They also seek compensatory damages and costs and expenses incurred, including legal fees.

How many Bally Total Fitness clubs did LA Fitness buy?

LA Fitness finalized its purchase of 171 Bally Total Fitness clubs for $153 million on Nov. 30 and, according to its website, was scheduled to close 36 of those acquired clubs. All 27 of the Chicago-area Bally clubs transferred to LA Fitness, and four of the clubs closed in December. The lawsuit claims that LA Fitness is not honoring lifetime …

What is the LA Fitness case?

The plaintiffs argue that Chicago-based Bally and Irvine, CA-based LA Fitness violated the Federal Honest Services Act, the Illinois Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Business Practices Act and the Illinois Common Law Breach of Contract.

Why is LA Fitness not honoring my membership?

Markzon claims that his membership was transferred to LA Fitness, but that the company is not honoring the membership because it was purchased in Kansas. “Bally wants everyone to think that it made a mistake. It’s not a mistake,” says attorney Christopher Cooper, who is representing the plaintiffs in the complaint.

Does LA Fitness honor lifetime memberships?

The lawsuit claims that LA Fitness is not honoring lifetime memberships and will not allow access to former Bally members unless they purchase a new membership. Also, the suit claims that LA Fitness clubs purchased from Bally in one area of the country, such as Seattle, are not honoring Bally memberships if they were purchased in another state, …

Is Bally Total Fitness a class action lawsuit?

Two Bally Total Fitness members have filed a lawsuit in federal court against both Bally and LA Fitness seeking class-action status on behalf of Bally members who have lifetime memberships.

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