does iphone 6 otterbox fit iphone 7

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  • Will the iPhone 7 fit in my Otterbox case?

  • My iPhone 7 fits fine in my wife’s otterbox defender that is for her iPhone 6. Doesn’t interfere with camera whatsoever, but the new case does have a bigger cut out for the camera. Also iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 are the exact dimensions and fits my 6S otterbox commuter case just fine.

  • Will the iPhone 6 cases fit the iPhone 7?

  • The iPhone 7 is just slightly slimmer. Enough to put out iPhone 7 specific cases by Apple and 3rd Party There will also be differences in the cases at the bottom as there is no longer a headphone circular jack but a lightning jack. The iPhone 6 cases will fit the iPhone 7.

  • Does the iPhone 7 case have a headphone jack?

  • To understand the impact of this change, we have to first have a look at its predecessor, the iPhone 6 case. This is the iPhone 6, and it clearly includes a headphone jack. But the Apple iPhone 7 has used the Lightning port for both charging and wired Lightning headphones.

  • Why aren鈥檛 there any battery cases for the iPhone 8?

  • This was likely due to the fact that battery cases already made for the iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, and iPhone 7 were also compatible with the iPhone 8, so there was little motive for companies to redesign these cases, as opposed to simply continuing to sell them as-is.

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