does iphone 5 case fit 5s

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Yes, your old iPhone 5s case will fit on the new iPhone SE Apple confirmed that 5s cases will also fit on the new iPhone SE, but that doesn’t mean you can’t buy a case designed specifically for the new 4-inch phone.

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  • Will the iPhone 5C fit in an iPhone 5 case?

  • No, the iPhone 5c has more rounded edges and different button placements so it wouldn’t fit into an iPhone 5 case. Was this useful? will this work on iPhone 5?

  • Will the iPhone 5S cases fit on the iPhone SE?

  • The iPhone 5s industrial design was one many people enjoyed and some still hold onto today 鈥?including large collections of cases and other accessories. That means the big question on a lot of iPhone 5s and iPhone 5 owners’ minds is whether or not all those cases will fit on the brand new iPhone SE. In a word… YES!

  • Will my old case fit the iPhone 12 mini?

  • Best answer: Unfortunately, no, your old case won’t fit the iPhone 12 mini. The iPhone 12 mini is a completely new size of iPhone, and as such, it needs brand new cases. Not only does the iPhone 12 mini sport a brand new screen size, 5.4 inches, but it does see the introductions of a new body size, too.

  • Will my old case fit the new iPhone SE?

  • Older cases are indeed going to fit the new phone, so you won’t have to ditch your favorite one when upgrading. If you’ve got a favorite ultra slim, protective, wallet, battery charger, or other case you’ve been using, you’ll be able to keep right on using it. Of course, there will be a lot of new cases launching for iPhone SE as well,…

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