does iphone 12 pro case fit iphone 13 pro

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Therefore, you cannot use the iPhone13and 13Prowith iPhone12and 12Procases, respectively. While 13 case is not compatiblewith iPhone13Pro. You can use an iPhone 13Procasewith a 13 phone.

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  • Are the iPhone 13 cases the same as iPhone 12?

  • Are The iPhone 13 Cases The Same As iPhone 12? What The Fit? We have seen that the new iPhone 13 cases cannot fit the older iPhone 12 case. Whether an iPhone 13 Pro phone will fit in the 13 case

  • Will the iPhone 13 Pro Fit in my old cases?

  • The iPhone 13 Pro has a substantially larger camera module than the iPhone 13 does. The iPhone 13 Pro’s camera module is also much larger than the iPhone 12 Pro, so it definitely won’t fit in an older case. How about the other models, will my old cases fit for the iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max?

  • What is the difference between iPhone 12 Pro vs iPhone 13 Pro?

  • In the case of the iPhone 12 Pro vs iPhone 13 Pro the camera module is larger on the newer iPhone. Apple does not list any dimensions on its comparison page, but this can be seen by the position of the Apple logo.

  • Can I switch from iPhone 12 Pro Max to iPhone 13 Pro Max?

  • Many of those who are currently using the iPhone 12 Pro Max, would gladly switch to the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Considering all of the similarities between both phone models, it leaves many users in a perplexing situation. Are they the same size? Can the iPhone 13 Pro Max case be used with the iPhone 12 Pro Max case?

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