does ipad 1 fit ipad 2 case

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  • Will my old iPad case fit my new iPad Air 2?

  • Your new 9.7-inch iPad will fit your old 9.7-inch iPad case perfectly (or your old iPad will fit with new cases)! Your old iPad Air 2 case will probably fit, but if it’s a ridged hardshell case, it might be a little too snug. Here’s a list of the best cases for the 9.7-inch iPad in 2018!

  • Will your case fit the new 8th-gen iPad?

  • If you use an earlier 9.7-inch iPad model, your case will not fit the new eighth generation model. According to Apple, the latest eighth-generation 10.2-inch iPad sports the same physical dimensions as the previous 10.2-inch model, with the exception of weight.

  • How big is the difference between the iPad Air 2 and iPad?

  • iPad Air 2 is nearly identical in size to the 9.7-inch iPad with a slight difference in depth. We’re talking just over a millimeter’s difference. But just over a millimeter can make a difference when you’re trying to stuff the 9.7-inch iPad into a hardshell iPad Air 2 case.

  • Does the iPad 6 fit into 2017 iPad cases?

  • Does the iPad 6 fit into 2017 iPad cases? Yes! The physical dimensions of the 6th-generation iPad are exactly the same as the 5th-generation iPad. You don’t have to buy a new case (unless you want to). Great news!

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