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does hot topic have fitting rooms

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How much is shipping at Hot Topic?

SHIPPING Hot Topic offers a variety of fast and secure shipping methods so customers receive their orders in a timely, worry-free manner. Hot Topic also offers $5.99 Standard Shipping free in-store returns/exchanges. Choose from Standard, Expedited, or International Shipping.

How do I contact hot topic customer service?

Hot Topic customer service is always available to help you no matter if you’re shopping in-store or online. Check their website for the FAQ section or contact them by email or their toll-free number. Hot Topic free shipping is available on orders of $60 or more; other shipping rates range from standard, to express to overnight.

How can I get more discounts at Hot Topic?

You can even take it one step further by singing up for their Hot Topic credit card for an additional 15% off your first purchase, two $20 off $50 shopping passes a year, and even more exclusive offers just for you. Hot Topic customer service is always available to help you no matter if you’re shopping in-store or online.

What is the Hot Topic guest list and how does it work?

Gain access to new Hot Topic promo deals when you sign up for the exclusive rewards program, the Hot Topic Guest List! Use their rewards program when shopping online by signing into your account at checkout. Enjoy added Hot Topic discounts on your birthday, too! It’s easy to sign up and easy to get rewarded on your favorite purchases!

Why are fitting rooms reopening?

MORE retailers are starting to reopen fitting rooms to let shoppers try on clothes.

Is Kohl’s reopening?

Kohl’s. Kohl’s recently reopened its fitting rooms after keeping them closed when it first reopened stores, reports USA Today. The retailer’s chief executive Michelle Gass said the move was to "improve the shopping experience as more and more customers return to stores.".

Is Marshall’s dressing room closed?

Meanwhile, dressing rooms at retailers such as Walmart, TJ Maxx and Marshall’s remain shut.

Is M&S changing room gender neutral?

A few years ago, UK retailer M&S sparked a gender-neutral row after telling customers to use whichever changing room "they feel comfortable" in.

Is a retailer cleaning merchandise between each use?

The retailer is also cleaning them between each use, and merchandise that’s been tried on or returned is put on hold for a period of time before it’s back on the sales floor.

Is alternating room open in stores?

To help keep customers safe, only alternating rooms will be open in some stores and it’s also increased cleaning processes.

Is there an overnight hold on alternating rooms?

To help keep customers safe, only alternating rooms will be open in some stores and it’s also increased cleaning processes. Goods that have been tried on but not bought are kept in an overnight hold in some states, depending on the local rules.

How to Use Same Day Pickup In-Store

1. Choose the "Store Pickup" option when placing your order, then select your preferred store.


We want you to be 100% happy with your purchase, and our return policy reflects that. Items can be returned to Hot Topic stores or by mail—just remember to bring/include your receipt. See our full Return/Exchange Policy here.

Order Status

Once you’ve place your order, we’ll let you know when it’s ready with a pickup notification email. When you get to the HT store you selected during checkout, bring the pickup notification email and your ID. Be sure to pick up your order within 7 days, or your order will be refunded and items will be returned to stock.

Customer Service

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email us or call Customer Service 800-892-8674 . For international customers, call +1626-603-3182 Please have your order number ready.

Additional FAQs

Q: Is Same Day Pickup In-Store available at Hot Topic stores in Canada?

How many stars does HotTopic have?

HotTopic has a consumer rating of 2.63 stars from 169 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about HotTopic most frequently mention customer service, credit card and free shipping problems. HotTopic ranks 55th among General Apparel sites.

How long does it take for a symlink to ship?

It takes 1-2 days to process your order. Once they ship it, it takes 2-7 days to arrive if you live in the lower 48 states. I don’t know about elsewere.

Is Hot Topic customer service bad?

The customer service at hot topic is absolute trash. Worst than Trash. The service representatives are like ribot. My orders have misplaced at least 6 different times. I woukdntvtrust the any further than I could throw them as someine who has spent a decade in customer service I’ve never seen a more poorly run place. Go get what you need in a store 9r just don’t order from them. They’re literally the worst.

Is Hot Topic the best online store?

Ok personally Hot Topic has to be the best Online Store/ Store ever! I’ve had so many good experiences shopping there. They have a variety of band tees, also they have very good shipping, Whenever I ordered something it always came in on time, and it was good quality. Not to mention the chockers, and accessories look amazing.

Does Hot Topic have free shipping?

Hot Topic offers free standard shipping on US orders over $60. More options include Standard, Express, and Overnight shipping with fees starting at $5.99. Customers can also get their orders shipped internationally to Canada, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Alaska starting from $20. Alternatively, you can choose in-store pickup to skip all extra shipping fees!

How do you get a discount on Hot Topic?

Another great way to save is to check the clearance section for constant sales on clothing, shoes, accessories, and merch. They also occasionally post promo codes on the homepage and via emails, so be sure to keep an eye out!

Does Hot Topic have a newsletter discount?

Sign up for the newsletter online and receive an exclusive 30% off promo code toward your next Hot Topic purchase. Also, be the first to receive limited time deals and coupons in the future.

What are hot topic t-shirts?

Hot Topic shirts – specifically their band t-shirts – are one of their best selling items in-store and online. Shop for all of your favorite pop culture icons, including Marvel characters, Harry Potter and bands such as Queen and Panic! At the Disco. Use Hot Topic coupons on your next purchase and get even more of your must-have Hot Topic clothes for less. All t-shirts fit everyone differently, so be sure to use their sizing charts to ensure that your shirt isn’t running small or big!

What is hot topic?

Hot Topic sells the latest in pop-culture and music-inspired fashion, aimed towards a younger audience. Make sure to use Hot Topic promo codes and Hot Topic coupons for awesome discounts on your new shirts, pants, jeans, dresses, and more.

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