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does happy planner fit tul

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does happy planner fit tul插图

I’ve tested the Happy Planner, ARC and TUL –all are interchangeable. I.e. the spacing between discs, the way the paper sits on the discs etc. is the same. You can use MAMBI Happy Planner insert refills with ARC and TUL discs.

What is the size of the happy planner?

The Classic Happy Planner – The pages of the Classic Happy Planner are size 7″ x 9.25″ and the cover measures 7.75″ x 9.75″. It seems to me that there are WAY more accessories available for the Classic size. The Mini Happy Planner – If you want a purse-sized planner that’s still cute, then this one is for you!

What sets the happy planner apart from other planners?

That’s what sets the Happy Planner apart from your normal planners. Happy Planners have a nifty disc binding that’s kind of like a cross between a 3-ring binder and a spiral notebook. The discs that hold the planner together not only look BEAUTIFUL, they’re also extremely functional and brilliant!

How do I save money with the happy planner?

Just save your discs and your Happy Planner cover and switch out your old pages! Most of the extension packs are around $12 and come with everything you need for 6 months. Grab your refills when you’ve got a 50% off coupon for even more savings! Use the Habit Tracker Half Sheets to track daily goals!

What are the best refill pages for my Happy planner?

Classic Extension Pack – The classic 6 month undated extension packs are great all-around refill pages for your Happy Planner. They include space for to-do lists, shopping lists, errands, etc. The Classic Extension Packs are more for your regular planning stuff with weekly and monthly views.

What size are the Happy Planner covers?

Now, don’t forget- the covers on these planners are a bit bigger than the page sizes, so if you are interested in making your own cover, you’ll want to keep that in mind! I also have a tutorial on how to make your own Happy Planner cover.

What is the most popular Happy Planner?

Okay, so next up is the classic size planner, which is the most popular Happy Planner. There are so many designs and layouts for this size, and it is pretty common across a lot of the different planners available, including the Erin Condren Life Planner.

How big is a happy planner?

Okay, so let’s start with the BIG Happy Planner! This planner is made with pages that are the same as letter size paper, just like what you buy for your printer, so 8 1/2 x 11 inches for the BIG Happy Planner pages.

Where Can I Buy a 365 Happy Planner?

You can get one online at Amazon (accessories too), but the best selection is at the craft store. That means you’ll be making a trip to AC Moore, Hobby Lobby, Jo-Ann, or Michaels! I purchased mine from the Michaels Create 365 Planner display.

What is dashboard planner?

Dashboards are just clear dividers with tabs at the top. They can be constantly taken out and replaced in various areas of your planner, including the current week, an important upcoming week, or anywhere you need a bookmark. The surface is clear plastic for stickers, temporary notes, etc. that can easily be removed. I bought one pack.

How to get inspired for planner?

Get inspired by browsing planner layouts. Check out Pinterest – Google “Happy Planner” online . . . let other people’s creativity inspire you. Do what they are doing until you find your own way. Also search on Facebook for groups. You will NOT believe how many there are! You can see thousands of layouts.

What is washi tape used for?

And related to the stickers, there is washi tape available. Washi tape is cool to use to line the pages, to mark important dates, or just to decorate in general.

What is Happy Planner?

As you can imagine, you’ll use the Happy Planner to plan your months, weeks, and daily activities.

Can you buy Happy Planner stickers?

Now – the are a bajillion stickers in existence. You can purchase your own, or the Happy Planner brand ones (a small sampling of which are shown above).

Does Happy Planner have a folder?

The Happy Planner has folders . . . which for me, were a MUST have! These folders clip into the rings like the sticky notes, and they hold receipts, bills, invitations stamps, photos, etc. I absolutely have to have these for work. So I bought one pack (the design you see in the middle above).

How big is an A5 ARC page?

The A5 ARC page size can be used with the Inkwell Press (7” wide x 9” high) – the ARC page will sit slightly above the top and there will be an empty disc space at the bottom.

Where is the TUL letter on the page?

TUL half letter will sit above the Inkwell Press Page size and there will be a big gap at the bottom. I wouldn’t use the 2 together.

What is the difference between Dokibook and ARC?

The Dokibook and ARC are both A5 page size. The disc size & ring spacing work fine together. The Dokibook has slightly longer stems than the ARC but it’s not very noticeable.

Can you take out the TUL pages?

You could take out the TUL pages and use Dokibook inserts instead (and vise versa), which would avoid the overhang. Even though the page size is larger, the pages are still protected by the cover. Dokibook in the TUL. TUL in the Dokibook.

Can you use a matbi insert in an inkwell press?

The MAMBI has a slightly larger page size (9.25″ high versus Inkwell’s 9″ high) so you won’t be able to use the MAMBI inserts in the Inkwell Press. However, you could use Inkwell Press refills with your MAMBI discs if you really wanted to. Just note the MAMBI stems are much longer than Inkwell Press. There will be gaps at the top and bottom (as Inkwell Press page size is 0.25″ shorter than MAMBI)

Can you use Inkwell press and MAMBI together?

Inkwell press and MAMBI are not the same page size (MAMBI is 0.25″ longer) so the 2 cannot be used together. Typically all US half letter discbound are interchangeable (Levenger Circa, TUL) Typically, all A5 page size discbound are interchangeable (ARC & Dokibook) You can use A5 or US half letter with larger page size (e.g.

Is Inkwell Press longer than MAMBI?

Just note the MAMBI stems are much longer than Inkwell Press. There will be gaps at the top and bottom (as Inkwell Press page size is 0.25″ shorter than MAMBI) Inkwell Press in MAMBI. See the difference in stems.

Why are Happy Planner pages heavy?

This is a major plus for two reasons: Heavier weighted pages means that your markers and pens aren’t as likely to bleed through. The pages are much less likely to tear when you’re taking them in and out.

What is a happy planner dashboard?

A Happy Planner dashboard is like a thicker, super cute divider page.

When do Happy Planner refill packs come out?

Most of the refill packs (or “extension packs”) come undated, which is great because you can start off with whatever month that you need, rather than buying a 2020 Happy Planner in April and missing out on being able to use the first three months.

What color is planner accessories?

From modern black and white to whimsical pastels, you can find a wide array of planner accessories to fit your style!

What is a happy planner?

The Happy Planner is a disc-bound planner system that combines your love for Creativity with your need for Organization.

What size is the Big Happy Planner?

The Big Happy Planner – The pages of the Big Happy Planner are the standard 8.5″ x 11″, and the cover size is 9″ x 11.25″. The nice thing about the Big Happy Planner is that you can easily add your own printables without having to go through the hassle of resizing them.

How many different colors of pens do you need?

For pens, you probably only need 8 different colors at max, because eventually 3 different shades of pink will all look pretty much the same. Resist the urge to buy the GIANT pack of pens that include slight variations of every color.

What are discbound planners?

Discbound planners use individual discs to bind pages together. The punch has a round part for the discs (like a mushroom top) and an extra bit that ‘grabs’ around the discs.

What brand of discs have hearts in the center?

Again, depends on the brand. MAMBI (Happy Planner) offer the most colors (they also have hearts in the centre of the discs). If you’re just after black, most discbound brands offer black discs (Levenger, TUL, ARC).

How many discs does a notepad need to stay in a notebook?

tear off the notepad page you wrote your grocery list, reminders, bills etc.), it doesn’t have to sit on all of the discs to stay in the notebook (only needs about 2 – 3 discs).

How many discs are in an A4 notebook?

For the ARC I use 12 large discs for an A4 size notebook and 8 discs for an A5 size notebook.

How long does an ARC punch last?

The punch will last for years (I’ve been using the same ARC punch for more than 6 years and it’s still working great).

What size is the Levenger?

The Levenger seems to come in the most sizes: 0.25″, 0.5″, 0.75″, 1″, 1.5″, 2″, 3″

What is a Dokibook agenda?

Dokibook Disc agenda is a disc bound diary that is closer to home and offers free postage on orders over a particular value. I have bought there discs and covers to make my own notebooks but there agenda layout looks great too. I would have gotten it to try but the 2019 hadn’t been released at the time I ordered. They have pretty covers as well.

Are Discbound systems interchangeable?

You can mix and match between the different systems. Just be aware that paper sizes will be different. Some will use half pages, some will be full letter size.

What does "discbound" mean?

Discbound means that the planner is held together with a set of discs (some times referred to as rings). There is a special paper punch that makes a D shaped hole with a long rectangle off the long straight side. (think smilie face, turned on its side, with long eyes that touch the top of the mouth). @ twinkleplansherday.

How many sheets of paper does a 1.5 inch planner hold?

1-inch discs hold 110 – 150 sheets of paper. 1.5 inch discs hold 140- 220 sheets of paper. Each planner disc size holds a different amount of paper (obviously the smaller ones hold less because there is less room for the paper). In Happy Planner terms, you can get extender discs to make your planner hold more.

What size is a mammi happy planner?

The good news is that the spacing between discs is almost universal. MAMBI Happy Planners come in letter size (8.5 x 11), half-page sizes (7 x 9.25 inches), and a mix of other planner sizes.

Why use a discbound planner?

A discbound planner system is most useful because you can add your own pages, accessories, and planner inserts. You are not stuck with what the book originally comes with. It is a customizable planner system. That means you will need a discbound punch.

How many rings are in a planner?

Instead of the 3 metal rings that open and close inside a 3-ring binder, the planner discs are flat with a raised edge. There are anywhere from 3-11 on a binding, depending on the size of the paper being used.

Can you get extender discs for Happy Planner?

In Happy Planner terms, you can get extender discs to make your planner hold more. This just means you are upgrading to a larger disc size.

What is disc binding?

If you are not familiar with the disc binding concept, it is similar to the idea of a spiral notebook, but instead of a solid metal spiral holding the notebook together, you have metal or plastic discs that can pop in and out of a cover. These discs being removable means that you can add and remove paper to your disc bound system as you like, …

Why do I use a discbound planner?

1. Customization: The main reason I love using a discbound system as my planner is because it is completely customizable. I can create my own custom planner inside the binding and add and remove items on a whim. I find the disc binding to be very secure, but also easy for you to add and remove elements at the same time.

Can you make a planner with discbound?

If you are interested in a creating your own custom planner using the discbound system, here is a video tutorial I created that walks you through the very simple process. Definitely check out this video and the links I’ve left in this article to help you find the different elements of your ideal planner system so that you can build a planner that is all your own and custom to your needs!

Can you add videos to your watch history?

Videos you watch may be added to the TV’s watch history and influence TV recommendations. To avoid this, cancel and sign in to YouTube on your computer.

What is a discbound cover?

Next, you’ll need a discbound cover. This is just the outer cover of your planner or notebook. Again, there is a range of available covers. My favorite type is a vegan leather cover, like the ones we use in the Sweet Life Planner. These are pretty, durable, and wipeable. They can be removed and interchanged. However, they don’t come off the discs super easily like the pages, so I wouldn’t change my cover very often.

What happens if you write on a planner that is too big?

Discs that are too big will get in the way more when you’re trying to write and if not full it will cause the planner to feel floppy or wobbly. I’ve seen discs ranging from half an inch to two inches. They also make discs in lots of different colors, and some even have little circles or hearts in the middle.

What are discs made of?

They are made of either plastic or metal and have a little lip around the edge to hold the pages together (and prevent them from falling out). The first thing to consider when choosing discs is the disc size (or diameter). Obviously, larger discs will hold a lot more pages.

What is the advantage of disc binding over ring binding?

The other big advantage of disc binding over ring binding is that the punch does not eat very far into the page. That way you get to use more of the page!

Where can I get the Arc punch?

There are several different punches available, but my absolute favorite is the Arc punch. You can get it at Staples or Amazon, but it’s usually cheaper on Amazon. I’ve had this punch for over 4 years, I use it frequently, and it’s still working great! It punches up to 8 pages at a time, and it is easily adjustable for different sizes of paper. There’s a little arm you can adjust easily to line up the pages correctly.

Can you buy a cover from one brand but use a punch from another brand?

That means that the holes are spaced the same distance apart so you can buy a cover from one brand but use a punch from another brand . There is some slight variation among brands when it comes to how deep into the pages it punches and the exact shape of the “holes.”.

Can you laminate a Sweet Life Planner?

Another option is a thick, laminated cover like we had in the 2018 version of the Sweet Life Planner. The thicker the lamination, the better. (Our 2018 covers used 10 mil lamination.) If you want this cover, it is possible to DIY it which is really fun!!! You can print out anything you want, trim it to size, laminate, trim the lamination to size, and then punch it. That’s all there is to it.

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