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Google Fit has sleep tracking, which may allow you to pull data from other apps. How does my phone track my sleep? The way your phone tracks your sleep is usually done through some of the sensors of the phone, meaning that whenever it recognizes there is a period of inactivity, it will start counting sleep hours.

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  • How can I track my sleeping habits with Google Fit?

  • You can use the basics to track your sleeping habits and view your data from the Google Fit app, so don’t feel required to dig too deep. When your bedtime comes around, open Sleep as Android to the main screen, make sure your alarm settings look good, then hit the Start Sleep Tracking button.

  • What does Google Fit track?

  • Like many fitness apps, Google Fit can track a variety of health and fitness metrics. The basics are all here. Fit will track your steps, calories burned, distance, elevation, and Move Minutes and Heart Points (more on these later). It鈥檒l show your sleep data if you have a compatible sleep tracker.

  • What is the best sleep tracking app for Android?

  • Luckily, Google Fit can help you track your sleeping habits without having to jump through any hoops along the way. One of the biggest names in sleep tracking on the Google Play Store, Sleep as Android has been around for years and is still one of the most recommended apps of its kind.

  • Can I use sleep as Android with Google Fit?

  • Now that you have the link between Sleep as Android and Google Fit, you are ready to try it out for yourself. Sleep as Android has quite a lot of settings and features that might seem overwhelming at the start, but you don’t have to mess with them at all.

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