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does gillette fusion 5 fit fusion

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Additionally, all power razor cartridges are interchangeable with their base manual cartridge, and in the case of theFusion5 family of razors (Fusion5, ProGlide, and Styler), all Fusion5 cartridges will fit all Fusion5 handles…. Gillette FAQ.

What is the difference between the Gillette Fusion5 and ProGlide?

The ProGlide distinction comes from its upgraded Lubrastrip, one of added features over the standard Fusion cartridge razor. Upon looking at the Fusion5, it’s clear that the cartridge looks different. But how did Gillette alter the Fusion5?

When did the Gillette Fusion 5 come out?

Gillette released the Fusion5 in 2010, four years after introducing the first 5-blade cartridge razor, the Fusion. Gillette engineers took all the data they gathered in the years since the Fusion to make the Fusion5. The Fusion5 also goes by its more well-known moniker, the ProGlide. You’ll often hear it called this online.

Is Gillette Fusion 5 a good razor?

Gillette is known for offering top-of-the-line razors, and the Fusion5 is another winner. The standard for the company’s five-blade lineup, the razor feels high-quality, offers an unbelievably smooth shave. If you’re looking for a great all-around razor that doesn’t have too many bells and whistles, then this is it.

What is a Gillette Fusion and how does it work?

It pushes excess shaving gel away as you shave so that the blades keep in close contact with the proper ratio of shaving gel to skin. And it protects your fingers from slicing along the blade when you’re handling the shaving head. Like all premium Gillette shaving cartridges, you can attach a Fusion to the various models of razor handles.

What is the biggest addition Gillette made in the leap from the Fusion to Fusion5?

I think the biggest addition Gillette made in the leap from the Fusion to Fusion5 was the blade stabilizers. By locking the 5 blades in place, they assured a more even and comfortable shave.

What razors had 3 blades?

Their most notable cartridge razor at the time was the Mach3 which housed three blades. Building on all that they learned from the Mach3 series, Gillette invented the 5-blade cartridge. Not only did they add more blades but reduced the space between blades. 3-blade razors were prone to skin bulges and pressure points.

How does a skin guard work?

The skin guard has a few other purposes built into its design. It pushes excess shaving gel away as you shave so that the blades keep in close contact with the proper ratio of shaving gel to skin.

Why is my Mach3 razor so sensitive?

3-blade razors were prone to skin bulges and pressure points. As you glide a Mach3 across your face, your skin rises in between the blades. This causes irritation and sensitivity issues. The Fusion distributes the blades evenly along the surface the razor.

What is the difference between Fusion 5 and Fusion 5?

What Are the Differences Between the Fusion and Fusion5? 1 Fusion5 has thinner blades for a more comfortable and precise shave 2 A low-resistance coating on the Fusion5 means you’ll notice less irritation 3 Blade Stabilizers on the Fusion5 secure the blades for less tugging 4 The Fusion5’s larger and upgraded ProGlide Lubrastrip coats your face with enriched lubrication as you shave 5 The Fusion5’s snowplow Comfort Guard pushes shaving cream up and away from your face for accurate shaving

What is the purpose of the top lubricant strip on a Fusion razor?

First, it lubricates your face as you shave to reduce irritation and provide your freshly shaved face with a thin barrier to promote healing. And second, the strip notifies you when to change blades by turning from green to white.

What are the stabilizers on a Fusion 5?

Nearly all aspects of the Fusion were retooled with the Fusion5. First, there are the blade stabilizers. On the sides of the cartridge and down the middle they molded a new spine to the head. These spines notch the blades in place.

Meet the Gillette Fusion5

Gillette Fusion5 sets a high standard when it comes to five-blade razors.

Razor Design

Gillette has long set a high bar for quality, and the Fusion5 is no different. Nothing about the razor handle or cartridge feels cheap. Everything feels high quality, although there are some cosmetic manufacturing flaws in some of the rubberized parts of the razor.

Shaving With the Fusion5

Where the rubber hits the road is how the Fusion5 does for shaving. That’s where we were very impressed.


One of the issues with multiple blades is that cleaning can be tough. With so many nooks and crannies, hair and other debris can get caught.


While the Fusion5 provides a great shave, it’s not cheapest. We paid $15 on Amazon for a handle and four blades. You can get that for cheaper on Gillette.com ($14) if you use the code “Welcome3” to get $3 off your order. This also includes free shipping.

Pros & Cons

Looking for a great all-around razor? The Gillette Fusion5 makes the grade. With five blades, a high-quality feel, and smooth shave, it’s hard not to like this razor. You can buy the Gillette Fusion5 anywhere that razors are sold. We suggest directly from Gillette.com or from Amazon.

How to get rid of razor scabs?

Rinse your razor frequently as you are shaving. For best results, don’t tap the razor on the sink, but instead swirl it in warm water or under running water to remove shaving debris. Shake off any excess water and allow the razor to air dry, rather than patting the blades with a towel.

How to store a razor?

If you do not have a holder, store the razor face-up on surfaces, or vertically in a cup or a stand.

How to return Gillette items?

To return an item, you must have purchased it from gillette.com . To start, go to Order History, locate the order you want to return, and click ‘Return Items’ . Our team will review your request and, if approved, email you a return label to send your order back to us.

Does Fusion razor fit all Fusion handles?

Additionally, all power razor cartridges are interchangeable with their base manual cartridge, and in the case of the Fusion family of razors (Fusion, ProGlide, and Styler), all Fusion cartridges will fit all Fusion handles. Learn which blades are compatible with your handle .

Does Gillette have a subscription?

Yes, Gillette has a new online service that lets you quickly order blades as a one-time purchase or as a subscription that gives you every 4th order free. **. Place an order today and get $3.00 off your first purchase with Gillette. Click here to get started . * Valid for first-time customers for first order only.

Can you recycle Gillette razors?

Yes! Gillette and Venus partners with TerraCycle to collect and recycle blades and razors. Through the program, you can recycle your used blades and razors (Gillette & Venus products – and ALL other brands too!).

Does the CDC recommend shaving facial hair?

The CDC did issue guidance related to shaving facial hair for those workers who wear tight-fitting respirators and masks – the intent of this guidance is to ensure the masks have a tight seal. For official guidance related to COVID-19, we encourage you to visit the CDC’s website at cdc.gov .

What is a pro glide?

ProGlide Chill. Similar to the ProShield, the ProGlide Chill has lubrication at the top and bottom of the razor for a smoother shave. And because it is “ProGlide” in the name, it will also have a handle that pivots left and right and a microcomb before the blade.

What is the color of the Proshield razor?

The ProShield also has microfins and a microcomb to provide a smoother shave. You’ll recognize the ProShield as the yellow-colored razor. ProGlide Chill.

What does Fusion 5 mean?

Anything with Fusion or Fusion5 in the name means it’s part of this family of razor that includes five blades.

Does Gillette razor have a Flexball?

It includes more lubrication on the razor’s head, but if a handle is included with the razor, it will also have Gillette’s “Flexball” feature. These handles allow the razor to pivot left and right to glide over your face, along with the greater lubrication.

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