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does fitness 19 have an annual fee

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How much does a fitness 19 membership cost?

The initiation fee that is due at sign up is typically $49.00, but many locations have specials that discount or waive this initial fee. The Fitness 19 fees for basic membership (giving you access to one club) is $15 per month and premium membership (access to any club) is $20 per month.

What is the annual fee for Fitness 19?

The membership fee of Fitness 19 will vary based on the location, but they’re normally quite reasonably priced. You can even haggle over the price. On average, the locker fee is $49.00, while the annual membership fee is $19.00, although in some areas you will pay from $7.00 to $15.00 per month.

How much does a gym membership actually cost?

How much does a gym membership cost? Most gyms offer monthly memberships for between $20-$50 per month. This gym membership cost depends on the quality of the club, the types of amenities offered, as well as the cost of living in your area. Refer to the table below for common gym membership costs in your area.

What is the cheapest gym?

We’ve gathered all the information,so you don’t have to.Goodlife Health Clubs. Joining fee: $99 plus an Activation Kit fee (which varies according to your club). …Fitness First. Joining fee: From $0 – varies depending on location. …Anytime Fitness. Joining fee: $99 and $69.95 for an access card. …Jetts. …Virgin Active. …Plus Fitness. …Fitness Playground. …Snap Fitness. …City Gym. …Fernwood. …

What is the most important feature of Fitness 19?

For many though the most important feature in Fitness 19 are the personal trainers they offer. With their help you will receive one on one guidance as well as a detailed, goal oriented program incorporating proven methods and the newest workout trends. If you’re into sports you can also participate in their sports oriented training activities, and there are special fitness routines available to youths as well.

What is Fitness 19?

Fitness 19 is a fitness center operating in the United States , and since it was founded is rapidly gaining in popularity thanks to its affordable rates and state of the art facilities.

What is the Silver Sneakers program?

Older adults who want to exercise and do workouts can participate in their Silver Sneakers program, which goes to show that Fitness 19 has programs for everyone regardless of age and physical conditioning.

How much does Fitness 19 cost?

On the average the lock in fee is $49 while the annual membership fee is $19 though in some locations you pay a $12 to $15 monthly fee. In addition to the regular fees, Fitness 19 frequently offers special discounted rates, which again varies depending on the location. However it isn’t unusual for some Fitness 19 locations to offer discounts like a $12 lock in fee, a monthly charge of $12 and reduced annual fees.

How old is the kids room at the gym?

Usually these Kids Room is open for children 3 months to 11 years, although the exact age may vary depending on the location.

When was Fitness 19 founded?

Fitness 19 was established in 2003 by some of the leading industry experts who realized that traditional fitness clubs weren’t providing the kind of results that people wanted, and their approach were also less than desirable.

Who started the Fitness 19?

Because of their shortcomings, Nick Milat, Robert Lineberger and Earl Wilson decided on the Fitness 19 concept, an affordable fitness center that specializes in free weights, cardio equipment and strength training. Both Wilson and Lineberger have experience in handling fitness centers. Wilson started the Family Fitness Center in 1976 …

What is Fitness 19?

Fitness 19 Prices and Fees. Fitness 19 is a gym that was created by two visionaries who wanted to help people achieve the type of results that traditional gyms… Fitness 19 is a gym that was created by two visionaries who wanted to help people achieve the type of results that traditional gyms where failing to provide.

How old is the kid room at Fitness 19?

Each center has a kid’s room that is equipped to care for children ages three months to 11 years old.

How much is Fitness 19 membership?

The Fitness 19 fees for basic membership (giving you access to one club) is $15 per month and premium membership (access to any club) is $20 per month. Annual membership is also available …

When was Fitness 19 founded?

Founded in 2003 the first Fitness 19 was designed with an emphasis on strength training, cardio, and the use of free weights. Most importantly, Fitness 19 prices were intended to be affordable to allow anyone to get in shape without spending huge amounts of money annually on fees. After the first location was opened and the popularity …

What is Fitness 19’s customer service contact number?

Please contact us by phone or in person. To find your Fitness 19’s phone number and address please see your Fitness 19 location’s dedicated webpage .

How do I update my contact information?

You can make updates to your to your personal information such as address, email, and phone number by clicking the "Login" button at the top of the screen, or asking a Fitness 19 team member to help you in one of our clubs .

What are Fitness 19’s gym membership prices?

Fitness 19 membership prices vary by location and membership type: Basic, Premium and Premium Plus memberships. Click here to find the Fitness 19 location nearest you!

How do I freeze or cancel my Fitness 19 membership?

You can also call or visit your local Fitness 19 location during regular operating hours for assistance. A Fitness 19 team member will be happy to help!

What Fitness 19 members plan has multi-location access?

Premium and Premium Plus memberships have multi-location access to all participating Fitness 19s. For a complete list of participating Fitness 19s please click here .

What Fitness 19 membership type has access to hydromassage?

Premium and Premium Plus memberships have access to hydromassage. Click here for more information on hydromassage at Fitness 19.

Is Red Light Therapy a workout?

Yes, the combination of soothing light and Vibra Shape training enables a variety of effects. Our Red Light Therapy by Beauty Angel offers you joint-gentle fitness training. You train all muscles from the legs up to the abdomen and back.

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