does an iphone 5s fit in a 5 case

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Yes, your iPhone 5s and 5 cases will fit the new iPhone SE! iPhone SE looks like iPhone 5s, but will your old cases fit with your new phone?

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  • Will the iPhone 5S cases fit on the iPhone SE?

  • The iPhone 5s industrial design was one many people enjoyed and some still hold onto today 鈥?including large collections of cases and other accessories. That means the big question on a lot of iPhone 5s and iPhone 5 owners’ minds is whether or not all those cases will fit on the brand new iPhone SE. In a word… YES!

  • Is the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C the same thing?

  • On the iPhone 5, both the LCD and Digitizer connectors are horizontal. The digitizer connector is vertical. The LCD connector is horizontal. And, on both the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c, the front camera flex cable is also vertical. The iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C are NOT identical.

  • Can I use an iPhone 5 LCD screen on iPhone 5C?

  • You will not be able to use a iPhone 5 screen on a iPhone 5C then have a different digitizer connectors. Was this answer helpful? Yes, Please do not attempt to buy an iPhone 5 LCD assembly expecting to be able and use it on an iPhone 5C. The connectors to the mother board are different.

  • Will my old case fit the new iPhone SE?

  • Older cases are indeed going to fit the new phone, so you won’t have to ditch your favorite one when upgrading. If you’ve got a favorite ultra slim, protective, wallet, battery charger, or other case you’ve been using, you’ll be able to keep right on using it. Of course, there will be a lot of new cases launching for iPhone SE as well,…

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