do you have to pay to cancel planet fitness membership

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No, you cannot cancel a Planet Fitness membership online. To cancel membership, you have to visit the Planet Fitness Club In-person and fill out a membership cancellation form. Or you can send a cancellation letter from certified mail.

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  • Can I Cancel my Planet Fitness subscription by phone?

  • Unfortunately, you cannot cancel your Planet Fitness subscription via telephone. If you wish to cancel your membership, you will have to go to the club personally. You can go to a local Planet Fitness location to put an end to your subscription. Here is how you can cancel your membership:

  • How much does a Planet Fitness membership cost?

  • The Planet Fitness monthly club membership costs around $10 to $25, excluding startup and annual fees. Fitness club members often find themselves paying the yearly and monthly fees without actually going to the gym.

  • Can you use Planet Fitness Without a contract?

  • Yes, If you do not want a long-term contract with Planet Fitness, you can proceed with Planet Fitness No Commitment Membership. Planet Fitness monthly membership costs $15.00 per month, in which you get features like Unlimited Access to Home Club, Free Fitness Training, Free WiFi. Can you use any Planet Fitness with the $10 membership?

  • How do I downgrade my Planet Fitness membership?

  • Stop by your club and club staff can downgrade your membership. That one is easy! The method in which members are able to pay for their monthly membership varies by location, but many Planet Fitness clubs accept payment through checking accounts only.

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