do pf flyers fit true to size

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Unlike Chucks,where you have to subtract a shoe size,PF’s are true to size. PF Flyers are a good choice for this style of shoes,with good longevity,and a better fit for big feet than Converse,Vans,or Nike. Best of all,this seller was on point,and got the shoes to me right on time,packaged well.

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  • What is the best size for a flyer?

  • 5.5 8.5 in. Standard. 8.5 11 in. Large Format. 11 17 in. Low cost and high impact 鈥?this could very well describe your marketing strategy when you use flyers. The time-tested method allows you to get the word out about your business while exercising your creativity.

  • How comfortable are the PF Flyer’s?

  • The toe box on the PF Flyer is wider, and therefor more comfortable. I have both the Low and High tops. I wear an 8 in Converse, 8 1/2 in the PFs (9 in New Balance EE and Nike EE) These are every bit as classic as Converse All Stars, but I would say they are a bit better constructed. My feet are a bit too wide for Converse (which I wear anyway).

  • Do PF Fliers fit better than converse?

  • I wear size 11’s in Converse, but size 11’s in PF Fliers was just a little too small, so I sent them back and got size 11.5 and they fit perfect. Usually All-Stars hurt my feet after a few hours, but these made it all day…. No, they aren’t Nike or Reebok comfortable, but they are much better than Converse Chucks/All-Stars.

  • When should I use a flyer?

  • Use a flyer when you need to: A classic yet modern standard size flyer by YaseenArt. Get the conversation between you and your customers started with a fact sheet about your product Advertise who you are, what you do and what you鈥檙e promoting right now Get coupons into your customers鈥?hands

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