do dorco blades fit gillette

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  • Is the Dorco razor better than Gillette?

  • The Dorco requires more passes for the shave even though it has more blades. It also sucks on the neck area and caused an ingrown hair. Even though the Dorco is a fraction of the cost, I prefer the the Gillette as it provides a better shave, lasts longer, and shaves closer.

  • Is Dorco pace 6 better than Gillette Fusion ProGlide?

  • For example, Dorco Pace 6 鈥?as the name implies, has one extra blade for a total of six. I鈥檒l be honest with you. In terms of closeness of the shave, Gillette鈥檚 Fusion ProGlide wins the race. There鈥檚 a simple explanation for that 鈥?the low-friction coating on its blades.

  • Is the Dorco pace6 a good razor?

  • I tried the Dorco Pace6 razor for two weeks. The verdict? It鈥檚 a decent razor. The handle is well designed and solid. My only complaint about the handle is that the base is really bulbous which makes it impossible to fit into my holder. The blades themselves only do a decent job overall. In comparing the Gillette vs.

  • How long does the Dorco ProGlide last?

  • While your math is sound, the Dorco blade was lasting for only two shaves, max, for me. I even tried the Bladebuddy to help it last longer and it still didn鈥檛 help. The ProGlide on the other hand last for at least 8-12 shaves per blade on average.

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