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  • What are Wahl Clipper guard sizes?

  • Even better, Wahl clipper guard sizes can go up to number 12. In terms of length, the number 10 measures 1.25 inches or 32mm long ; while the number 12 comes in at 1.5 inches or 38mm . Despite being rarely used, these numbers often come in handy for special requests from a select group of clients.

  • What is the difference between Wahl and Oster Clippers?

  • For example, Wahl鈥檚 hair clippers 0.5 grade guard is the same as Oster鈥檚 #0 blade guard. Also, Wahl clippers guard sizes run up to #12 while Oster only has up to #8. Hair clipper guard sizes differ from blade sizes. Yes, clipper blades also cut different lengths depending on blade/taper lever positions.

  • What is the difference between menspire 3mm and Wahl 3mm guards?

  • So Apparently Menspire UK sells a #1 guards which says its 3mm however compared to a Wahl #1 3mm or a Babyliss #1 3mm it is a bit smaller. It acts almost has a 0.85 guard if there was one that actually exisited.

  • What clipper guards fit Babyliss hairdryer?

  • The Clear Clipper guards set with metal clip is a Wahl鈥檚 clipper guard set but fits the Babyliss. You can get a versatile smooth and precise haircut if you have the right tools with the right accessories. The clipper attachment guards are necessary to achieve a professional-grade haircut.

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