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  • Is 24 Hour Fitness the perfect gym membership for You?

  • Busy travelers tend to need access to gyms at odd times and 24 Hour Fitness might be the perfect gym membership for someone in finds themselves looking for an open gym after landing in Miami at two in the morning. 24 Hour Fitness has over 400 clubs in 18 states in the U.S. – making it one of the largest gym chains in the United States.

  • Does 24 Hour Fitness offer childcare?

  • 24 Hour Fitness does not offer childcare. Can I add friends or family members to my 24 Hour Fitness membership? Yes, you can add friends, family members and/or children (children ages 12-18) to your membership* while you are enrolling online or in club. You may add up to 6 family or friends to your membership.

  • How do I request to freeze my 24 Hour Fitness membership?

  • There may be other options available to you. Please contact your local club to discuss your specific situation or visit our Contact Us page to submit your freeze request. Where can I learn about any 24 Hour Fitness policies that may apply to my membership? Membership policies can be found online on our Membership Policies page.

  • How old do you have to be to work out at 24 hour?

  • Must be at least 18 years old (19 in NE) or 12 with parent. Please see club for more details. Can I bring a guest to work out with me? Yes. 24 Hour Fitness encourages members to bring friends and family to work out with them. You can get a free 3-day guest pass at your club or by clicking here.

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