can you put led bulbs in any light fitting

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Thankfully,most LED bulbs have built-in limits that keep them from emitting crazy amounts of light or blowing out when given more than they need. This means that,for the most part,you鈥檒l be able to stick them in any fixturewhere you had a comparable incandescent or halogen bulb before.

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  • Can I put an LED bulb in a fluorescent light fixture?

  • Can I Put an LED Bulb in a Fluorescent Light Fixture? Many people have energy savings on their minds these days. With the advent of LED tubes as a drop-in replacement for fluorescent tubes, the return on investment for LED conversion can be very appealing; the fluorescent fixture can be reused, with only some minor rewiring.

  • Should you replace just one or two LED light bulbs?

  • It might be tempting to replace just one or two bulbs to save cost, you should never do it. Using LED and incandescent bulbs in the same fixture causes poor performance. If you use LED and incandescent bulbs in the same fixture, your incandescent light bulb will draw more power. This causes LED to allocate less power and prompt it to flicker

  • Can LED lights be used in a 100-watt light fixture?

  • 鈥?The simple answer is yes, as long as the LED bulb uses less wattage than your fixture. If you see a label which says 鈥?00-Watt LED equivalent鈥?that does not mean that the bulb actually uses 100 Watts, it means that it produces an amount of light equivalent to a 100-Watt incandescent bulb.

  • What bulb fittings do I need for my LED lights?

  • Other bulbs have two little pins below (e.g. GU10), where you have to give the bulb a quarter turn to fix it in the holder. Since E27 and GU10 are by far the most commonly used bulb fittings, we provide replacement LED bulbs for these situations. E27 bulbs and GU10 spotlights always run on 230V and in most cases, these can be replaced separately.

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