can you pay to tan at planet fitness

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First of all, it鈥檚 important to know thatunlimited tanning is available only to Planet Fitness members who hold black card. Otherwise, you will need to pay a separate fee to use the tanning services.

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  • Can you pay for an entire year at Planet Fitness?

  • Yes, you can pay for an entire year at Planet Fitness. For that, you need to pay $199 (excluding taxes and other fees) and then enjoy your Planet Fitness membership for 12 months straight without paying fees on a monthly basis.

  • What is Planet Fitness鈥?policy on tanning?

  • Planet Fitness policy is that tanning is available only to members over the age of 18, unless an older age restriction is dictated by applicable law; Non-members (including guests of PF Black Card鈩?members) and members under the age of 18 are not permitted to tan; Frequency of use

  • Can a minor purchase a day pass at Planet Fitness?

  • Individuals under 18 may not purchase a day pass even if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Black Card members must be granted reciprocal use of all Amenities in all Planet Fitness locations.

  • How do I Cancel my Planet Fitness membership?

  • To cancel Planet Fitness membership, you must first give 30 days鈥?notice of cancellation. Planet Fitness membership cannot be cancelled by email or phone. To cancel, you will need to go to your home club in person, fill out a cancellation membership form at the help desk, or send a letter to your club requesting cancellation.

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