can two penises fit in one vagina

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  • Why do some women have two vaginas at birth?

  • Embryologically, the vagina forms from two tubular structures that fuse in the middle. The divider along the midline disappears during development. But occasionally it doesn鈥檛, so some women are born with a septum that divides the vagina into two.

  • Did you know that some people have two sexual organs?

  • Every man鈥檚 got one, but it鈥檚 not everyday you meet someone hiding TWO sexual organs tucked between their legs. Juan Baptista dos Santos, born in 1843 in Portugal, was one such rare specimen. The extraordinary Santos was not only born with three legs, but was also endowed with an extra snake in his trousers, too.

  • Is it bad to wear two condoms at the same time?

  • There is a greater chance that the condoms will break because of the increased friction. Whether you’re double bagging (one person wearing two condoms at the same time) or two condomed objects are coming into contact with one another, this friction is not the kind of heat you want in the boudoir.

  • Should you use a condom for double penetration?

  • Like any sexual activity, to keep it safe and enjoyable for all involved, using a condom (regardless of the penetrating object) is recommended to prevent pregnancy and/or sexually transmitted infections (STIs). If your motto is two is better than one, though, there are plenty of ways to enjoy double penetration safely.

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