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can i use any anytime fitness

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How much is a membership at Anytime Fitness?

The cost of an Anytime Fitness membership. However, on average, Anytime Fitness membership costs range from $38.99 to $59.99 per month, with certain locations charging somewhat more than the national average. Ask about the 12-month membership plan, which has a lower joining charge than the 30-day membership plan and is thus more affordable.

What is the membership fee at Anytime Fitness?

To learn more about the membership duration options available, you can always contact them directly. Now, speaking of the fees, generally, Anytime Fitness cost for a single person is $38.99 in the United States. For the monthly membership, you may also have to pay $49.99 as an initiation fee as well.

How much is a family membership at Anytime Fitness?

Anytime Fitness membership fees and contracts depend on the kind of membership you apply for and the location, but the average cost is typically $30 to $36/month; however, in other clubs, the membership fee is $44 for a single monthly membership and $39 for a 12-month membership.

Where is Anytime Fitness located?

The Professionals at Anytime Fitness Are Helping People Live Their Best Lives HOUSTON HEIGHTS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / April 25, 2022 / Anytime Fitness, Houston Heights is a supportive community of like-minded individuals focused on helping people reach their fitness goals.

How many months does Anytime Fitness have?

At Anytime Fitness, you’ll find varying membership options dependent on your location. Some gyms offer 6, 12 and 18-month options, but you’ll need to check with your local Anytime Fitness to learn about the different types of membership plans available.

How many people are in a group workout at Anytime Fitness?

Small group training is similar to personal training, only it’s more fun as there are typically 2-4 people in a session. Team workouts include 5+ people and provide accountability and an energy-filled atmosphere that keeps you motivated. Make sure to check with your local gym to learn more about personal and team training.

How to change payment settings on Anytime Fitness?

If you would like to change payment settings, update bil ling or change the credit card on your account, please reach out to our billing provider, ABC Financial Services, at 888-827-9262. ABC Financial Services hosts all payment information and processing for Anytime Fitness, and they will help you update payment methods and billing information.

What does it mean when your access key is defective?

A defective access key could mean a number of things: billing problems, lockout or there could be an issue with the door of the location. Your home location will be able to help you find a solution.

What is the phone number for ABC Financial?

If you were charged twice or believe you’ve been charged extra, our billing provider, ABC Financial, can help resolve the issue! Please reach out to their Financial Services line directly at 888-827-9262 for any billing-related questions or concerns.

Is there an age limit for Anytime Fitness?

While there isn’t a set age limit, each of our Anytime Fitness locations must comply with state laws on age requirements and age restrictions. Check in with your local gym to learn what the age policy is near you.

Does Anytime Fitness have a family membership?

Our clubs offer a variety of membership options and some locations offer family membership plans and joint memberships. The great thing about Anytime Fitness is that each club is unique, and their membership plans are, too! To find out which membership options are available near you, please visit our Find a Gym page and connect with us!

Who owns Anytime Fitness?

It also includes interview footage with Dave, Joe, Dave’s family, and Anytime Fitness Owner Desiree Fletcher and photographs of Dave throughout his life. At the beginning of the story, Dave is dependent on a wheelchair for mobility, but by the end he is running freely.

Who is Catherine Anderson’s personal trainer?

The following videos are fully narrated. “Catherine’s Video” depicts Anytime Fitness member Catherine Anderson and her personal trainer Ryan Hammond exercising in a gym and cycling outdoors. It also includes sit-down interview footage with Catherine and photographs of Catherine and her family at different times in their lives.

Does Every Member get a free Get Started Plan?

Every member gets a free, personalized Get Started Plan when they join. Our friendly, professional staff is trained to help you along your fitness journey, no matter how much support you need.

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