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can i pay my planet fitness membership online

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Can I Pay My Planet Fitness Membership Online?To pay for your Planet Fitness membership online, you will have to log into your account. From the account, you can choose membership plans and pay the fee in no time.

Does planet Fitness accept cash as payment?

Our billing company reaches out to your bank and provides a code that is encrypted in our system to process the billing each month to prevent any breaching issues occurring. Was told by sales that planet fitness will only accept payment by direct bank draft. Offered cash or cc payment for a year upfront, they refused.

What is the annual fee for Planet Fitness?

Planet Fitness has an annual fee of $39, which is effectively equal to your 4 months’ monthly fee (if you get the basic membership) of $10. So, if you are strictly on a budget, then the annual fee may feel a bit too much. But at the same time, you can hardly get a gym membership for as low as $10 except at Planet Fitness.

What is the real cost of Planet Fitness membership?

When it comes to price, on average, monthly gym memberships cost anywhere from $55/month to as much as $161/month. Planet Fitness offers two types of Planet Fitness memberships: the $10 or Black Card membership. A classic planet fitness membership only allows a member to use one location and doesn’t give access to every perk the gym offers.

Does planet Fitness waive annual fee?

From this document, you’ll realize that, yes, Planet Fitness does waive its annual fees. They host programs and select a few participating locations that charge zero yearly fees. Can You Negotiate With Planet Fitness? With luck, you can negotiate a Planet Fitness contract with the person at the front desk.

How to Cancel Your Planet Fitness Membership

Planet Fitness is a great service, especially for people who love exercising and taking care of their bodies. Still, at some point, you may decide that the service is not right for you anymore or maybe you want to take a break and save money for other expenses.

How to Pause Your Planet Fitness Membership

Maybe you don’t want to cancel your Planet Fitness account permanently. Perhaps you just need a break from Planet Fitness so you can save money for more important matters.

Will You Get Refunded After Canceling the Planet Fitness Membership?

Although you can cancel an active Planet Fitness membership, it is important to know that you will not get a refund after the cancellation. Even if you make sure to cancel early in the billing cycle, Planet Fitness will not offer a refund.

What Happens with the Planet Fitness Membership During COVID?

The pandemic is unpredictable, and some Planet Fitness locations may end up closing for social distancing and safety reasons. In this case, you should know that if you have a Planet Fitness subscription, it will be frozen automatically when the gym is closed due to the coronavirus situation. Therefore, you will not be charged for the membership.

Final Thoughts

Planet Fitness is a great membership, but despite this, you may decide that you want to cancel it. The only way to cancel your Planet Fitness membership is by going to your gym physically or by sending them a letter.You cannot cancel your membership by mail or by phone, but you can use apps like DoNotPay for an easier cancellation process.

How will the use of hand basins be restricted?

The use of hand basins will be restricted by way of social distancing markers.

What happens if you don’t get all clear to enter?

If you don’t receive the all clear to enter, unfortunately, you will need to leave the club.

How long can you freeze a club membership?

If you are not able to return to the club immediately, we will allow members over 60 to FREEZE their memberships for up to a maximum of 90 Days.

What happens if you cancel a gym membership?

Please bear in mind, if you decide to cancel, you may be charged a cancellation fee and a then a joining fee if you want to re-join the gym.

Why is it important to be physically fit?

Being physically fit is highly protective against a range of illnesses. It also boosts the immune system. COVID-19 particularly affects those with underlying health conditions, diabetes, hypertension etc. and those overweight. It is more important than ever to maintain one’s health and fitness.

When does a debit order run?

Your debit order will run on the date you originally chose.

When does Planet Fitness deduct a levy?

As per the contract that you signed with us, Planet Fitness deduct an annual levy every year, either in July or December, depending on the date that you chose for this to take place. Communication is sent out to our members prior to the levy run via sms and email.

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