can i fit a chair in my car

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  • Do rear-facing car seats affect legroom?

  • In terms of car seats, caregivers will have an easy time using the SUV鈥檚 Latch anchors, but rear-facing car seats can impact front passenger legroom. How many car seats fit in the second row?

  • Do wheelchairs fit in a car trunk?

  • Yes. Smaller standard wheelchairs will fit in the trunk. Mid-sized or larger, and you鈥檒l likely need a bumper-mounted or rack-mounted carrier. Usually impossible without using a bumper mounted rack. Most of these are just too big to fit into available trunk space. Yes, but weight is a factor here.

  • Can IKEA furniture fit in a small car?

  • There鈥檚 no way that will fit in my car. In actuality, you can fit an impressive array of larger Ikea products in a small compact car, according to Daniela Rivera, marketing specialist for Ikea鈥檚 Costa Mesa, CA location, 鈥淚kea’s products are compressed and flat packed so you can fit them in your car and take them home that day,鈥?Rivera said.

  • Can you transport a wheelchair in a car?

  • Of course, if the person using the wheelchair can walk unassisted for short periods, then he or she may be able to get from wheelchair to vehicle under their own power. So much the better, but again, it comes down to knowing the person using the chair! Knowing the particulars of the wheelchair you鈥檙e transporting is only half the battle.

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