can anytime fitness members bring a guest

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If you would like to bring a friend to Anytime Fitness we are bound to allowand must bring guests during staff hours as each guest is required to sign in for the safety of the members Number two is that the Bring Our Friends Policy varies from club to club.

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  • Is Anytime Fitness free for first time guests?

  • Anytime Guest Pass is FREE* FOR 7 DAYS Take an opportunity to become more acquainted with Anytime Fitness clubs. Trial access is FREE* for first-time guests who live or work in the vicinity, and all they have to do is sign up (Photo ID is required). The Anytime Fitness staff will love to give you a tour, and it is all complimentary.

  • Can you take a guest to Planet Fitness?

  • Yes, you can take almost any guest to the gym as long as they fit the necessary age requirements. How Old Does a Guest Need to Be? According to the Planet Fitness guest pass rules, when taking a guest to Planet Fitness you can bring a guest as young as 13 years old as long as they have parental permission and the parent is with them at the gym.

  • What are the benefits of a guest pass at the gym?

  • The Benefits of a Guest Pass. 1 Fitness Training. When at the gym a guest will be able to attend a free fitness training session to help them with their fitness routines. This means … 2 Free Wi-Fi. 3 Tanning. 4 Access to the HydroMassage and Massage Chairs. 5 Haircuts. More items

  • How old do you have to be to visit a gym?

  • Visitors must demonstrate that they are no less than 18 years old or more seasoned or are no less than 14 years old if accompanied by a guardian or legitimate adult. Can You Bring A Guest With You At Anytime Fitness?

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