can any car stereo fit in any car

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The short answer to this is No. Not every head unit can fit in your car. Essentially,there are two main sizes: Single and Double DIN car stereos. DIN,which is a short form for Deutsches Institut fr Normung,is a German body that created the height and width standards for car stereos.

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  • Can I use any car stereo in my car?

  • There are many different stereos that can be used in your car. Unfortunately, it depends on the size and type of your factory head unit. To ensure that you get one that will fit into your car, take measurements of your current radio before going shopping for a new one. Or just use this page on crutchfield. What is car stereo compatibility?

  • What type of car radio will fit my car?

  • Almost any type of car radio will fit your car. But it鈥檚 important that you take measurements of your current stereo before going shopping to make sure you get one that will size properly. The most common type is a single DIN stereo, but this can be replaced with either a Single or Double-DIN head unit.

  • Are car stereos universal fit?

  • On our website, you鈥檒l notice all of our universal fit units are labelled with 鈥榙ouble DIN or single DIN, rather than the name of a vehicle manufacturer. It鈥檚 actually these slots in your vehicle that carry the same measurements worldwide, making them universal in size, therefore we can design car stereos to accommodate.

  • How to choose the right size car stereo?

  • You can do this very easily and properly with the help of the measuring tools. Once you measure the size of the head unit you can easily get the idea that which size car stereo is going to be fitted in your car more easily or which stereos are best compatible with your car and this could save you from buying a bad size stereo for your car

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