can a wood burner be fitted in a conservatory

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It can be a very good ideato fit a wood burning stove in a conservatory (or house extension). Log burners and conservatories are a perfect example of synergy in action, the combined result being greater than the sum of the individual parts.

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  • Can I put a wood burning stove in my Conservatory?

  • Overall, a wood burning stove in your conservatory is a popular and cost-effective decision that can really help you get use out of the room all year round. Take a look at our guide to find out everything you need to know about getting it done鈥?/div>Can I Install a Wood Burner in a Conservatory? | Direct Stoves

  • Do I need permission for a log burner in a conservatory?

  • Do I Need Permission for a Conservatory Log Burner? Planning permission almost certainly no (unless in a conservation area or on the front of the property). You will however need Building Regulation Certification from the local council. See 鈥渓egally can I fit my own stove?鈥?unless you employ a HETAS registered fitter who can self certify.

  • Can I heat my conservatory or new extension?

  • The difficulty and expense of heating a conservatory or new extension to any property can be a big problem for people, but here is a beautiful, simple and elegant solution. A wood burning stove.

  • Can I install a wood burning stove if I have no chimney?

  • Can i install a wood burning stove if i have no chimney?. This question is usually asked with reference to conservatories, but applies equally to mobile homes, sheds, or other outbuildings as well as houseboats.

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