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can a t5 bulb fit in a t8 fixture

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can a t5 bulb fit in a t8 fixture插图

Not compatible
A T8 ballast is generallynot compatiblewith a T5 linear fluorescent lamp. These are ratings used to describe the shape and size of fluorescent light bulbs. The pin sockets will only line up and complete a circuit in a correctly sized ballast.

Which is better, led or fluorescent T8 bulbs?

The following are 8 fact-based reasons you should consider direct replacement LED bulbs over T8. 1. LED replacement bulbs are 30% more efficient. Not only do you get more light from a LED replacement bulb; they also use less wattage. Our LED replacement bulbs only use 22 watts vs. 28-32 watts with T8, making the LED 30% more efficient. 2.

What is T5, T8 and T12 lighting?

The only difference between T5, T8 and T12 bulbs is the tube diameter. A T5 bulb is 5/8ths of an inch in diameter, a T8 lamp is exactly one inch in diameter (8/8ths) and a T12 tube is 12/8ths, or one and a half inches thick. How do I know what size fluorescent tube I need?

How far should T5 bulbs be from plant?

The right lighting can mean the difference between a successful harvest and a disappointing one. As a general rule of thumb, T5 lights should be placed about 2-3 feet away from plants. This will give them enough light to thrive without causing any damage to the leaves.

Are T8 bulbs good for growing plants?

Using four T8 grow lights is an excellent option, as the bulbs work well with some popular fixtures. Four T8 fluorescent light bulbs will work well for growing vegetables indoors as long as you leave them on long enough to give the plants enough light. Fluorescent and LED light bulbs are popular options for indoor grow lights.

What is the meaning of "back up"?

Making statements based on opinion; back them up with references or personal experience.

Can you use T5 tombstones on T12?

Some fixtures are actually engineered for T12/T8 and use T5 extension tombstones to close the 1" gap on each end. Those, you can just swap in T8/12 tombstones.

Is a T5 tombstone cheap?

A new fixture is the only real path forward for T8 but T5 tombstones are inexpensive if you want to save the fixture.

Can you use a T5 lamp with a T8?

The T5 fixtures have several differences the first is they are shorter than a T8 so no you can’t use the T8 lamps.

Why are T12 fluorescent lamps no longer produced?

Beginning in 2013, T12 linear fluorescent lamps were no longer produced by U.S. lighting manufacturers due to Department of Energy regulations. These regulations were meant to encourage T12 user…

What is a T5 tube?

T5 tubes are the latest series of fluorescent lamps. They are offered in standard or high-output (HO) options. There are many differences between T5 lamps and T8 or T12 lamps.

How many lumens does a T5 light have?

A T5 has approximately 5000 lumens per lamp and is also 54 watts per bulb, so, and a T8 gives you about 3000 lumens, depending on the ballast, low ballast factor being less probably around 2700, high ballast factor being about 3000.

What is the difference between a T5 and T8 light bulb?

The major physical difference between T5 and T8 light bulbs is the length and diameter of the tube itself. The T5 tends to be slightly shorter than the T8 tube, and is significantly smaller in diameter. This factor is important to consider when looking at your fixture, because the two tubes are not interchangeable.

Which is better, T5 or T8?

If you do not need as many lumens, the lesser wattage T8 would be the better choice since it offers lower lumen and watt consumption. If you need higher levels of lighting, the T5 might be ideal for your situation.

Is a T5 bulb more expensive than a T8 bulb?

Additionally, T5 bulbs tend to be 2-3 times more expensive than T8 bulbs—so cost is an important consideration as well. Once you have decided on your color temperature and lumen output needs as well as your budget, deciding between a T5 or T8 fixture will be much easier to navigate.

Is the T5 shorter than the T8?

A couple things to notice here is the T5 is shorter, slightly shorter, than the T8 so it has to fit in the fixture. You can get different lengths of these, both of these, one for, you can use them for a two by two troffer, you could use them for a high bay fixture.

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