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can a brompton fit in a suitcase

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Bromptons are a favorite among frequent flyers because they fit in most airplane overhead bins, they’re easy to pack for a flight, and they fit instandard size suitcases, so you won’t pay extra if you decide to check the bike. They’re also easy to transport to and from the airport…. see details ?

What is the best luggage for a Brompton?

Padded Travel Case This is Brompton’s newest luggage solution for travellers and is perfect for people who need the convenience of four wheels. It unzips on all sides so it’s easier to place your Brompton inside, and (like the B-Bag) you can stuff a lot of other soft luggage and your helmet around the bike for extra protection.

How do you pack a Brompton on your bike?

The length and width dimensions make for a snug fit for an M-type or S-type Brompton, but it works. One minor disassembly requirement, the saddle needs to be removed. Or, if your Brompton is equipped with a telescopic seat-tube, just pop-out the seat by it’s extension, pack alongside your well-protected bike, and you’re good to go.

How good is the handling on a Brompton?

With easy rollers on the rear rack the bike can be pushed fairly easily around. This option means the Brompton is still very light, no baggage or racks on the bike and is therefore lighter to carry and more mobile for zooming around town. The handling was fine though you have to consider the extra lengh and try not to fill the 100L

Is there an after-market case for my Brompton?

This case is an after-market solution that many Brompton owners have requested and find suitable for their needs. Depending on your set up you may need to make some adjustments to your Brompton (eg remove saddle, adjust angle of handlebars/brake levers).

What size bag can you carry a Brompton in?

Dimpa bags which you can carry a Brompton in, are 65x65x22. I would take that with a bit of caution though as they are flexible.

What happens if you attempt to disengage a bike?

After that any attempt to disengage would remove the pedal from the bike rather than the shoe from the pedal.

Can Brommie fit in Dimpa bag?

Wot Greg sez. A Brommie with SPDs will fit in a Dimpa bag, but the LHS pedal sticks out a bit.

Can you take out hinge bolts?

a tip : Definitely take the hinge bolts out completely is putting it in a soft bag as checked luggage. Mine got dropped on the hinge bolt on the way out to chp. Wrecked the zip on the dimpna bag and bent the bolt to such a degree it was unusable.

What to do if playback doesn’t begin?

If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

Can Brompton trailers be parked?

The clever quick disconnect coupling means the Brompton can easily be parked without disconnecting the trailer.

Can a pannier slide backwards?

This way once the pannier is hooked in it can’t slide backwards, the downside of this is that the pannier is attached quite far back and will tip over if not tied down properly. This does give excellent heel clearance while cycling though (which is often a problem with other baggage solutions).

Can you ride a bike in train mode?

In train mode it was fairly easy to carry this little lot. With easy rollers on the rear rack the bike can be pushed fairly easily around.

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Does the Boeing 777 have overhead bins?

Boeing 777 [footnote] The overhead bins on newer jets like the 777 are the style where the whole bin drops down, not just the door. It makes for a heavy close with the Brompton in there and you may need to adjust it on the way up. It fit, but when I first boarded a 777 flight in June 2016 I wasn’t sure it was going to work!footnote]

Can you get a Brompton on a plane?

If your itinerary includes a regional jet, or worse, something with propellers… your Brompton won’t fit on board. You’ll need to gate-check it and that means it goes into the belly of the beast. A lot of times you get the bike back as you exit, but sometimes the airlines make you collect the bike at baggage check along with the masses. If you do gate check the bike, ask to get it right after you land on the jetway to be safe. Sometimes that works, sometimes that doesn’t.

Can you take a Brompton saddle off?

The telescoping seat post is a real help when you’re planning on bringing your Brompton aboard with you. It lets you easily remove the saddle without tools, making your Brompton more compact to fit into two important places – the carry-on luggage belt and the overhead bins of most larger planes. It’s not that you can’t do this with the standard seatpost, but it requires you to unbolt your saddle… kind of a drag if you can avoid it.

Can you fly with a Brompton?

Here are a few tips you need to know when flying with your Brompton.

How big is a Brompton?

It’s external dimensions are exactly 62 linear inches. YAY! But, unfortunately, the 26″ x 26″ x 10″ internal dimensions are too short on the thickness. Because of that skinny width, this one won’t work for a folded Brompton.

Why are TSA locks lost?

The commonly available cable TSA locks are frequently lost in-route, likely because they’re not correctly re-locked following an inspection.

Does the Lagoon Blue M6L have a seatpost?

In the photo, below, the Lagoon Blue M6L is equipped with an the telescopic seatpost. Sadly, an H-Type Brompton, with its slightly taller head-tube, will not fit. Take note of the pipe insulation around the seatpost.

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