can 17 inch tires fit on 16 inch rims

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No need to worry about safety,17 tire will fall off 16 rims. It won鈥檛 be dangerous at all to put 17 tires on 16 rims. The tires will fall off the rims and the car will sit on the rims in the driveway,undrivable. It鈥檒l be the safest car on the block.

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  • What is the difference between 16-inch and 17-inch wheels?

  • For the wheel size, the 16-inch is the smaller of the two sizes. Usually, bigger wheel sizes require larger tires that can fit on the rims. As such, the 16-inch wheel works on smaller tire sizes compared to the 17-inch. Smaller tires offer more flexibility than bigger ones.

  • What is the smallest tire size for 17 inch rims?

  • For 17 inch rims, the smallest tire size is a 22-inch tire (22/2.5R17). The largest size for 17-inch rims is a 54-inch tire (54/19.5R17). Some of the most popular or common sizes for 17-inch rim tires are 265/70R17, 225/65R17, and 215/55R17.

  • Can you put a 15 inch tire on a 16 inch rim?

  • You can’t put a 15-inch tire on a 16-inch rim or a 17-inch tire on a 15-inch rim. Get the tire’s rim width recommendations. Tires have fairly flexible sidewalls, which will allow them to fit a fair range of rim widths.

  • Are 17-inch tires too big for a car?

  • Larger, 17-inch tires may rub against the cars rims, causing bald spots on tires and affecting turning capacity. A former community newspaper reporter, columnist and photojournalist in Virginia, MJ Knoblock holds a bachelor鈥檚 degree in journalism and has been writing for more than 20 years.

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