are video games a good way to keep fit essay

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First of all I think that active video games are a good way to keep fit. There are lots of different types of exercise you can do such as basketball,water-skiing and dance and what’s more,you can play them in the comfort of your own home.

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  • Are video games the way to play games?

  • Video games is the way to play games only if you love to play video games. There is over a ton of games to choose from, there are many gaming systems to choose from. But parents say the games are the reason kids are failing school. If you are a person who likes to play games, this is for you.

  • Are video games good or bad for You?

  • From my personal experience, video games function as a point of interest that draws people together. Though like many forms of escape, including reading and alcohol, excessive use can become unhealthy, moderated video gaming is a healthy way to keep your stress level down, and your adventurous side satisfied. This entry was posted in Passion.

  • Can playing video games help you live longer?

  • You just need to play the right ones. Amy Lu, an assistant professor with joint appointments in the College of Arts, Media and Design and the Bouv College of Health Sciences, found that young adults who play active video games with a narrative aspect increased their physical activity and improved their working memory.

  • Can narrative video games improve children鈥檚 physical activity?

  • The results suggest that following a narrative while playing an active video game may lead to increased physical activity and improved cognitive function. This follows Lu鈥檚 prior research showing that in children aged 8 to 11, stories embedded in active video games encouraged kids to play longer and more vigorously.

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