are vans shoes wide fitting

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All Vans are manufactured in medium width. There isno wide or narrow option. As a result, you might need to go a size up, to make sure that your feet fit. The design can also have an impact on how wide the shoes will be. Vans don鈥檛 make shoes that are specifically designed to fit people with wider feet.

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  • Do Vans shoes fit big or small?

  • This means that the shoes don鈥檛 fit smaller or larger than a standard shoe. So the best way to choose your vans shoe would be either get your shoe size measured or alternatively if you usually buy size 9 in most shoe brands, then a Vans 9 would fit the same.

  • Do vans fit differently outside the USA?

  • Here is a nifty size conversion chart direct from vans that may be helpful for our friends outside the USA. The first column displays the US Size. Some Vans styles can waver a bit from true-to-size. For instance, Slip-ons fit tighter at first but will loosen out with wear. In addition, high performance skate shoes tend to fit snugly.

  • Are vans wider than converse?

  • Usually, Vans are not wider than converse. This includes Vans Old School, Vans Sk8-Hi, Vans Authentic, Vans UltraRanger EXO, and Vans Slip On. All of these shoes tend to have a narrow design. Vans are also available in half sizes, except for those above sizes UK 10, which are only available in full sizes.

  • What are the best vans for wide feet?

  • There are many types of Vans sneakers. However, Old Skool might be the best option for those who have wide feet. This tends to be a fairly spacious sneaker, giving you plenty of room to spread out, even if you have wider feet. If you want something even more comfortable, you might want to choose the Old Skool ComfyCush.

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