are there scales at planet fitness

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  • Why choose Planet Fitness?

  • Open Staffed 24/7! Get high-quality fitness at an affordable price. Planet Fitness offers low startup fees, no-commitment options as well as the PF Black Card where you can get ALL. THE. PERKS all in the Judgement Free Zone. We strive to create a workout environment where everyone feels accepted and respected.

  • Is planet Fitness Lawrenceville judgement free?

  • That鈥檚 why at Planet Fitness Lawrenceville, GA we take care to make sure our club is clean and welcoming, our staff is friendly, and our certified trainers are ready to help. Whether you鈥檙e a first-time gym user or a fitness veteran, you鈥檒l always have a home in our Judgement Free Zone鈩?

  • Does planet Fitness have showers?

  • They do this by enforcing shower rules and ensuring the showers are a clean and welcoming place. The showers at Planet Fitness tend to be on the large side compared to other gyms and most home showers. They have curtains for privacy, and you can always keep your items in a locker if you are worried about them while you are showering.

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