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Until 2021, Skechers were generally made in one of two possible fittings 鈥?Classic Fit and Relaxed Fit. From our experience in stores,Classic Fit is a standard or regular width fitting and Relaxed Fit should be considered a wide fit.

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  • Are Skechers wide fit or relaxed fit?

  • We recommend you should try either Relaxed Fit or Wide Fit. We have created a Womens Wide Fitting Skechers range on our website as well as a Mens Wide Fit Skechers page to help identify the wide fit styles and save you some hassle. Do Skechers sizes run big or small?

  • How much do wide fit Skechers pumps cost?

  • Skechers Wide Fit MICROBURST – Ballet pumps – black/charcoal 64.99 Wide heart_outlined Skechers Wide Fit WIDE FIT ULTRA FLEX – Slip-ons – purple/white

  • How much do Skechers trainers cost?

  • BOBS SQUAD – Trainers – pink 49.99 Wide heart_outlined Skechers Wide Fit BOBS SQUAD – Trainers – white 49.99 -30% Wide heart_outlined Skechers Wide Fit ARCH FIT – Trainers – gray/pink 55.9979.99 Close Follow the brands you like We鈥檒l show you more from them first, including new items and collections.

  • Are women’s Skechers waterproof?

  • Featuring a waterproof membrane and rugged suede and textile upper which is nice and easy to keep. We offer a full range of Womens Waterproof Skechers which are extremely popular for dog walking and outdoor adventures, where you will also find this style in black for easy maintenance.

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